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Delhi to build 11 hospitals, add 16,000 more beds

CM Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, stated on Saturday that if one were to envision “Ram Rajya,” everyone should have access to high-quality, free healthcare and education. Speaking to a crowd at an event here, he added that everyone should have access to quality healthcare and education, and that the Delhi government, led by the AAP, is making efforts in that regard.

Delhi CM inaugurates Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital’s new OPD building
On Saturday, he celebrated the opening of the Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital’s new OPD building and spoke with some of the patients present. According to him, the Delhi government’s priorities are healthcare and education, and both sectors are expanding significantly. He added that there are now about 10,000 beds available throughout all municipal government-run facilities. According to him, 16,000 additional beds will be added while 11 new hospitals are being built and the infrastructure of older facilities is being improved.

Delhi CM envisions ‘Ram Rajya’ with quality healthcare and education for all
The Delhi chief minister referred to the forthcoming Dusshera and Diwali celebrations by saying, “We worship Lord Ram.” ‘Ram Rajya is being spoken of. I cannot say that we can reach near ‘Ram Rajya’. But if we imagine ‘Ram Rajya’, it should have good and free education and good and free healthcare for all,” Kejriwal said. ‘Good education and healthcare should be there for all, whether rich or poor and “our government is trying to work in that direction,’ he added. Senior health department officials including the minister of health for Delhi, Saurabh Bharadwaj, were also present. DNP India

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