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Delineating our approach

In mankind’s set of experiences, we have accommodated the term evolution as an idea, concern, interaction, and development. Beacon as a diagnostic company as well as an institution believes, “Evolution is beyond belief and understanding of humans and revolves around the greater aspect of the universe.”

For more than 32 years, we have had a regulatory transformation of clinical range under a set of modern business capabilities to bring the best to the Indian diagnostic industry’s present and future requirements.

Our research and development team outlined comprehensive strategies for the same in Beacon at a global platform. We made it our utmost priority to make these strategies user-centric, along with real-time insights for patients and critical enabling.

This will include end-to-end delivery of submission, supported by an integrated technology system. We were raised in a strong foundation where all our ventures, data, procedures, products, teams, and technologies have been fully integrated.

Our transformation roadmap includes key milestones across data, process, content, labelling, and policy. We strongly believes in, “Regulatory never submits on its own; it works with other functions.” Hence, teamwork is the DNA of Beacon.

When we go through the agile transformation, we must keep in mind transformation success also. For which elimination of silos in the working of the system is the key concern of the company’s roadmap. Beacon has a consistent and holistic approach to work with global health authorities with the same spirit as it has on domestic platforms of the continent.

We at Beacon believe that learning has no age bars. We have a continuous comprehensive evaluation for our staff, scientists, and team members. Our roadmap is designed in cross-functional management, with sprints to integrate all our ventures and working system planned simultaneously with fix targets and milestones.

These include eradicating and solving roadblocks, which are as follows:

Addressing employee’s apprehensions. It is often the case that the pessimistic view of change stems from the fear of the future. Employees of all positions are always hesitant to accept change and learn new skills. To dispel it, we have generative workshops and training camps to let our employees define the job roles by themselves, which encourages them to learn.

Investing in executives and mentors. To help employees get a good grasp of workflows and build confidence, our executives overview teams’ work. They follow it up with feedback or conduct hands-on training workshops for employees to get a better grasp of novel techniques. These instructors have ensured the sustainability of transformation in the long run by routinely reviewing teams’ and departments’ working processes.

We have a goal-oriented structure. Beacon has a solid top–bottom structure but, instead of rigidly formed departments, it involves breaking down the workforce into a network of smaller, more decentralized teams. Our teams are arranged to align with the company’s activities and support specific tasks, with each team member having a clear and accountable role.

Product-centric approach. Our highly efficient technology is fully automated barcode software oriented, with key aspects of:

  • Parallel development
  • Web tools
  • Seamless updates
  • Automation
  • Containers
  • Extreme scale

In addition, Beacon’s long-term vision focuses predominantly on making diagnostics available as a set of micro services. This prospect profits on an extreme scale for both mission-critical applications and big data, paving the way to achieve advanced customer-user experiences and intelligence. This results in a new digital era for pathology labs, the healthcare market, and patients globally.

We are grateful for all support from everyone who has been and will keep on being part of Beacon’s journey directly or indirectly.

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