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Demand for automation to surge in hematology market

The global hematology analyzers and reagents market is valued at USD 3654.18 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 6344.23 million by 2025 with a CAGR of 8.20 percent, predicts Brandessence Market Research. Healthcare professionals prefer automation over manually intensive tasks as it helps them to save time and minimize human error. This is resulting in an increased purchase volume of automated hematology analyzer systems. These systems require fewer reagent turnover to maximize walk-away time and maximize efficiency. Such benefits will improve laboratory productivity and generate quick results for complete blood count analysis.

The demand for blood and blood components, such as RBCs and plasma, is increasing with the growing need for blood transfusions. This will drive the need for blood banks that test and store the inflow of blood units from blood donations. These blood banks run tests on donated blood and then store them in blood bank refrigerators for immediate or later usage at hospitals and other end users. This increase in the number of blood banks will result in an increased demand for hematology analyzers and reagents as they are used to conduct screening tests for infectious diseases and blood typing and serological tests for blood plasma. The increasing focus of manufacturers on providing a complete hematology solutions portfolio including automated analyzers, reagents, calibrators, and controls will drive hematology analyzers and reagents market growth in North America. Additionally, the growing trend for providing education and training on the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders to clinicians and scientists will also drive the growth of the market in North America.

The concentration of vendors with efficient supply chain management is high in developed countries, such as the US, which ensures timely delivery of hematology analyzers to end users. The efficient supply of hematology analyzers and reagents is driving its adoption rate in various healthcare and diagnostic centers and blood banks. Additionally, numerous vendors have a strong distribution network in countries, such as Canada, which will further facilitate market growth. Some major key players for global hematology analyzers and reagents market are Sysmex, Danaher, Nihon Kohden, Siemens, Abbott Laboratories, Boule Diagnostics, Horiba Bio-Rad Laboratories, BioSystems, Diatron, Drew Scientific, EKF Diagnostics, Mindray, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Roche, and a few others.

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