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DF 2628 from BPL Medical Technologies

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) may occur to anyone, anywhere, anytime. A leading cause of death among adults over the age of 40 is heart attack or cardiac arrest. Electrical defibrillation is a proven and effective therapy for cardiac attack.

DF 2628 from BPL Medical Technologies – an automated external defibrillator – is a revolutionary product that is designed and built to save lives.  A compact and lightweight defibrillator, DF 2628 automatically analyses and records the patient’s ECG and prepares an electric shock. The patient’s ECG is acquired through disposable electrodes applied on to the patient’s chest and if a shock rhythm is recognized, the device guides the user to deliver shock to the patient through the electrodes.

A user-friendly device, DF 2628 can easily be operated by lay responders or bystanders successfully with little or no training at all. The device is equipped with easy to understand audio and visual prompts. It uses current controlled biphasic defibrillation waveform for shock delivery, thereby ensuring that the current is optimal and thus damage of the heart tissue is minimal. The device has self-explanatory illustrations and illuminated symbols for ease of use. It is ideal for use in public places such as shopping complex, airport, railway station, bus stand, stadia, technology parks, fitness centers, offices, medical centers etc. by minimally trained personnel.

DF 2628 can store a maximum data of four events or typically three hours of ECG data. The device has automatic self-tests for ensuring operational readiness and delivers metronome signal tone for synchronizing chest compressions. A signal tone is set for patient movement detection. The Bluetooth interface of the device enables its communication with PCs.

Public access defibrillation poses unique challenges and BPL Medical Technologies has been successful in delivering AEDs such as DF 2628 that can be operated easily, even if the operator is a first-time user with minimal training.

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