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Dialysis Center at Kamla Nehru Hospital Reopens After Maintenance

The good news for patients suffering from renal failure who routinely undergo dialysis at Kamla Nehru Hospital is that the dialysis center at Kamla Nehru Hospital, Mangalwar Peth has resumed. The center was closed for more than a month for maintenance, without any prior notice. However, officials claimed there was lack of fund due to which the machines were not mended and the center was closed. The center was started three years back in a Public private partnership (PPP) between Pune Municipal Corporation and Lions club Pune. There are more than 60 patients of renal failure that need dialysis twice a week and more than thousands that depend on this dialysis center for the treatment. Every month as many as 550 to 600 patients are benefited through the center. It was closed since 1st of February.

The vice-chairman and the project chief of the dialysis center, Nitin Naik, said, “We require more co-operations from the PMC in getting funds under urban poor patients’ scheme for performing dialysis. The funds were delayed in last few months which affected daily functioning of the center. We have spent more than Rs 1.5 crore to establish machines and set up the infrastructure. “We were having financial crisis due to which the maintenance of the machinery was not done. But we managed to do it before the funds were received from the PMC and made the center functional.” PMC, Health Chief, Ramchandra Hankare, said, “There is no fault of PMC in the delay of funds as the bills claimed by the club lacked proper documentation. Due to the unavailability of documents it got delayed.” Now the center is functional and we have even released major amount of funds. The issue of the Breach of contract by keeping the center closed without any notice has been taken seriously by PMC. “The issue is with the Law and Judiciary department of PMC who will decide further course of action,” he said. – Pune Mirror