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Digitization in Healthcare: Three Ways Technology is Shaping the Future of the Sector

In the current day and age, a wave of digitization has taken over the world. All the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and others are helping people live a better and easier life. The service sector has also benefited a lot from digitization. It got further boost when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the year 2015, launched a campaign known as Digital India. Among the various industries in the service sector, digitization has had a massive impact on the operation of the healthcare and diagnostic industry. It has helped the development of this industry and enhances the life for millions of people. The condition of India in terms of healthcare has been quite grim. Patients who need attention are neglected and are unable to avail proper treatment or diagnosis. However, with the coming up of digitization, there has been hope for this industry also. According to Dr. Keshab Panda, CEO & MD, L&T Technology Services, there are three trends emerging in the healthcare and diagnostics ecosystem as a result of digitization.

Value based healthcare

This is a model of healthcare where doctors and hospitals are paid based on patient health outcomes. The coming up of digital tools in this segment of healthcare can be considered as the starting tool. Dr Panda further says that the implementation of advanced digital technologies in patient-care domains like- mobile health apps, tele-health, wearables, and remote monitoring can help in enhancing accessibility, boost efficiency and augment the effectiveness of treatment and preventive care.

New product development

The healthcare industry over the past few decades has changed drastically. With the coming of emerging technologies, new surgical procedures and medical devices have been made available.


While talking about connectivity in healthcare, Dr Panda said that with digitization taking over the industry, it is only a matter of time when with the help of internet and smartphones, digital healthcare will be everywhere. The internet for once has helped doctors connect to their patients and also with one another. This has helped in enhancing the doctor-patient engagement by increasing their interaction time. – Financial Express