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Disposable medical gloves market poised to grow 9.5 percent

The global disposable medical gloves market is expected to reach USD 8444 million by 2025, registering a CAGR of 9.5 percent during 2019 to 2025, estimates Allied Market Research. Rise in incidences of pandemic diseases, such as swine flu (H1N1 pandemic) and the subsequent need for infection control, drives the growth of the global disposable medical gloves market. High durability of gloves, coupled with protection from chemicals, makes disposable medical gloves a major revenue-generating segment in the chemical industries as well. The adoption of disposable medical gloves has increased over the years with rise in safety concerns and hygiene. In addition, the growth in number of end users in the healthcare industry, coupled with the advancements in technology, also aid in supplementing the disposable medical gloves market growth. Further, significant increase in frequent outbreak of epidemics and pandemics across the globe propels the disposable medical gloves market in near future. However, toxic reaction caused by gloves and high price competition from local manufacturers impede the growth of the disposable medical gloves market. For instance, the accelerators and other chemicals used to manufacture latex and non-latex gloves cause allergic reactions, such as irritant contact dermatitis. Moreover, the introduction of disposable medical gloves in untapped economies is expected to create lucrative opportunities in the market. In addition, disposable medical gloves find their application in surgical and examination purposes.

The natural-rubber gloves segment accounted for the highest revenue in 2018, with the fact that these gloves are the choice of preference among medical professionals to perform surgeries and for examination purposes. However, the nitrile gloves segment is anticipated to grow at the fastest rate owing to cost efficiency and ease of availability. Moreover, nitrile gloves are primarily being used in the medical sector, as a safety tool to prevent spreading of infection between caretakers and patients. The benefits offered by nitrile gloves include superior strength, longevity, and better protection against blood-borne pathogens. In addition, nitrile gloves are latex-free, thereby these become the preferred choice for medical professionals who are allergic to latex gloves.

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