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District Hospital, Kargil is on ventilator

In a concerning development, the district hospital in Kargil, located in the Union Territory of Ladakh, is grappling with a lack of proper infrastructure, hindering its ability to provide adequate healthcare services to patients. This revelation has been brought to light by a prominent social activist from Kargil district.

The district hospital in Kargil serves as the primary healthcare facility for the region, catering to patients with trauma and injuries sustained in accidents. Despite repeated demands over several years, the hospital continues to suffer from insufficient facilities. Sources have revealed that the hospital desperately requires improved infrastructure to accommodate patients traveling from remote areas for treatment.

According to reports, the current situation at the district hospital in Kargil underscores the urgent need for enhanced medical facilities, including a significant overhaul of the infrastructure. Congestion problems plague the hospital, particularly in critical areas such as the labor room, and there is a notable absence of a dedicated ward for geriatric patients.

Drawing attention to the issue, renowned social activist Sajjad Kargili took to Twitter, highlighting not only the deteriorating condition of the existing infrastructure but also the lack of attention and investment it desperately requires. He pointed out that the proposed side block, which could alleviate congestion issues, is still awaiting approval. Presently, the hospital faces various challenges due to inadequate facilities.

Another concerning aspect is the non-functionality of the existing trauma center located at the old district hospital campus in Kargil and Drass. Moreover, there is a lack of functional trauma centers between Zojila Pass and Khalsi on NH1D, leaving a significant gap in emergency medical services.

The claims made by the Union Territory administration suggest that the district hospital in Kargil should have 300 beds. However, the ground reality reveals that only 100 beds are currently available, with the hospital administration managing to accommodate an additional 78 beds. Consequently, the hospital is operating with approximately 170 beds, far below its designated capacity.
Adding to the woes, there are no residential facilities provided for the doctors, paramedics, and other staff members working at the 300-bed hospital.

These glaring shortcomings indicate a failure on the part of the Union Territory administration to fulfill its promises of improving healthcare facilities and infrastructure in Ladakh, particularly in Kargil. In light of this dire situation, Sajjad has made a direct appeal to the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Ladakh, urging immediate intervention to address the pressing issues at the district hospital. Rising Kashmir

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