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India is setting new global standards in quality, delivery, and cost-efficiency with breakthrough healthcare innovations. The global healthcare growth story has reshaped and redefined the very concept of healthcare. Polymed is a paradigm of Indian healthcare’s growth story, delivering innovation at scale with unparalleled quality and cost-efficiencies.

We foresee an omnipresent, proactive, and integrated system of health and well-being completely replacing the current illness-focused system by 2040. Rather than focusing on incremental augmentations to our devices, Polymed would focus on using transformative and cognitive technologies to enhance products by developing or partnering to acquire sophisticated data analytics capabilities, getting much closer to the patient, and leveraging new cognitive technologies to improve operations.

We may also have a role to play in care enablement, as connectors by collaborating with the partners that will run the just-in-time supply chain, facilitate devices and medication procurement operations, and get the product to the hospitals. Polymed is prepared to innovate across the complete patient journey.

In a multi-stake holder environment, we are empowering our commercial teams to have a broad vision of the many stake holders who will influence or make the decisions, such as clinicians and nurses, value decision committees, procurement departments, and regional authorities.

The company’s strategy is to change how stakeholders around the world perceive healthcare.

As a responsible organization, Polymed will drive this change by continually adopting latest and innovative technologies to serve patients better and address society’s evolving needs. At the same time, we are shedding the old ways of doing things that no longer align with our values. We have redefined our business model, switching to clinical and patient-focused delivery.

The future represents a significant opportunity to modernize clinical research and drive positive change amidst disruption across every aspect of healthcare delivery to patients. Polymed is embracing solutions that digitize processes and improve collaboration to enable patient-centric, paperless trials.

By replacing manual and paper-based processes with digital and virtual methods, we can drive higher-quality study results. With the tools, technology, people, and processes in place, we can be fully compliant while undergoing positive, transformative change.

The world’s healthcare needs are always rising and evolving, and so are our R&D investment and product portfolio.

To make our patient-focused model a success, we have rewritten the product development strategy by bringing user-centric design early in the device development process. We identify clinical users’ priorities and factors that will help with a safe and effective adoption of the device.

At the same time, company is also expanding its customer base and product portfolio by making inroads into focused therapeutic areas. We have already strengthened our portfolio across crucial segments, such as critical infusion therapy segments, vascular access, blood transfusion, diagnostics, and renal care. We will continue to focus on executing strategic priorities, investing in the development of new products, and expanding our existing portfolio.

Beyond product offerings, Polymed is also positioned to help hospitals and health systems make the transition to the future of health by playng a significant role in reducing medical costs, optimizing HCPs performance, and improving patient outcomes in the near term.

Emerging technologies in manufacturing, automation, digitization, and big-data are presenting our customers and us with exciting new opportunities.

Polymed has always been an advocate of a net positive sustainability strategy – maximizing our positive contribution while minimizing our environmental footprint. Every year, we conduct a thorough assessment to make sure we address the most urgent and relevant social challenges, and to uncover areas where we need to do more.

This data-driven approach helps Polymed stay environment-conscious, competitive, and future-ready.

We will continue to consider sustainability issues as part of our strategic initiatives and operations.

As the largest exporter of disposable medical devices from the country, we have a responsibility to pioneer in making the world a healthier place with patient-centric medical technology.

Our vision is the guiding principle in our corporate journey, while our aspirations are milestones in that journey. Continuously striving to reach these milestones makes sure that we are on the right track. 

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