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ECG Equipment

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand

Brands Models Features
Allengers Medical Systems PISCES Wide range of ECGs with various user friendly features
Allied Medical (under Meditec England) E402 ECG 3-channel ECG; high-resolution LCD screen; anti-defibrillation and pacemaker detection; automatic ECG measurement and interpretation; large patient data storage
E427 ECG 5.6-inch high-resolution 12 channel ECG machine; inbuilt recorder, built in battery back-up; auto/manual/rhythm modes; anti-defibrillation and pace-maker detection, storage capacity of 300 ECGs, USB connectivity with PC, printer port for external printer
BPL Medical Technologies CARDIART 9108D Twelve channel ECG recording with Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm
CARDIART GenX1 Single channel ECG recorder with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition with Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm
CARDIART 8108 View Six-channel ECG recording. Automatic measurements and interpretation. Internal storage 800 ECGs and can be enlarged by USB
CARDIART GenX3 Three-channel ECG recording with trace darkness control. Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm
CARDIART 6208 view 3-channel ECG recording. 3.5-inch color LCD screen. Automatic measurements and interpretation
DYNATRAC Ultra- With HES Algorithm Sun Tech’s TANGO acquisition unit–leading edge technology in accurate motion tolerant BP monitoring for STS
TRAC neo T1 12 channel digital recording. Recording time: 24 hrs, 48 hrs, 72 hrs, 96 hrs or continuous (till battery lost: up to 8 days)
Blue Star Engineering & Electronics MEM 12 12 channel, portable, color display touchscreen ECG machine; weak-signal detection; automatic measurements and interpretation; smart ECG viewer software; one-touch operation
MEM 3 Easily accessible efficiency; vivid, foldable, color, and wide screen; automatic measurement and interpretation of data; built-in data management; smart ECG viewer software
Clarity Medical TrueBeat 200 TrueBeat range is equipped with TISA technology (true interpretation sensitivity algorithm). 7-inch high-resolution display; splash-resistant alphanumeric keyboard; built in A4 size thermal printer; 12-lead simultaneous recording; detailed interpretation for smart diagnosis. Available in 12 and 6-channel variants
TrueBeat 100 Compact and portable ECG system equipped with TISA technology. 3.5-inch high-resolution display; Qualitative analysis of tracings; built-in thermal printer; 12-lead simultaneous acquisition with detailed interpretation for smart diagnosis. Available in 3, 4 and 6 channel variants
Clarity ECG Portable ECG system; connectivity with laptop dedicated software; 12-lead simultaneous acquisition; intelligent software processing to reduce mains interference, muscle tremors and baseline wander
EMCO Meditek iE 7300 and iE1200 Display in combinations of 3+R, 6+R, 12+R waveforms; RS232 interface for PC connectivity
GE Healthcare MAC2000 Provides proven diagnostic support enabling clinicians to make fast, accurate diagnoses; its flexible connectivity solutions offer clinicians the data they need to help improve patient outcomes and streamline workflow throughout the continuum of cardiac care
MAC800 Delivers an EMR-ready solution with reliable ECG information; it enables healthcare providers to connect the hearts of patients to the minds of physicians with accurate and reliable ECG information for faster, more confident diagnosis
MAC600 Puts advanced diagnostic tools at your fingertips, enabling physicians to deliver one of the world’s best ECG analyses; and with on-screen ECG results, you have the completely digital workflow that can help you diagnose patients faster than ever before
Genuine Medica ECG 300 G-1 3-channel/6-channel/12-channel; floating and defibrillation protection
ECG 1200G 12-lead ECG simultaneous acquisition, simultaneous display, prompt record, and printing; built-in real-time analysis software
Mindray BeneHeart R12 Automated diagnosis using the V4R (C4R) electrode placement; easy to use technology; 8-inch high-resolution color display with optional touchscreen; anatomically designed cable to minimize tangling and lead reversal
BeneHeart R3 5-inch color screen; offers the highest resolution enabling clinicians to observe real-time waveforms accurately; automatically unfolds on the writing pad on top of the machine for notes or signature
Nihon Kohden  Cardiolife C: ECG-1150 3-channel interpretive resting ECG; compact and light weight; LCD screen displays; simultaneous 12-lead ECG with interpretation program
CardiolifeM: ECG-2350K 12-channel interpretive ECG with 7-inch large vivid color LCD screen, wireless LAN WEP, and LAN connectivity; SynECi 18 lead ECG option to identify invisible ischemia of right side and posterior side of heart
SynECi 18: Synthesized 18-lead ECG technology Advanced technology that derives the waveforms of the right chest leads (V3R, V4R, and V5R) and back leads (V7, V8, and V9) from the standard 12-lead ECG data; useful technology in cardiology emergencies; detects myocardial infarction of right side of heart and posterior left side of heart
Philips Healthcare Efficia ECG100 Enhanced patient care
PageWriter TC50 16-lead ECG algorithm; automated reporting sequence
PageWriter TC30 Visual guidance to simplify ECGs; 16-lead ECG algorithm expands diagnostic capabilities; lead placement aids accurate placement of leads on the patient
Schiller Healthcare Cardiovit AT-1 G2 3-channel ECG machine with 5-inch color display; it has lead reversal detection with a high sampling frequency and large frequency band for optimal signal quality for adult and pediatric ECG; provides real time signal preview and post-acquisition review. CCAA (Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm) option provides information about obstruction site in the coronary artery
Cardiovit AT-2 PLUS 12-channel ECG machine with LCD display and alphanumeric key board. Memory of 40 ECG
Cardiovit AT-102 G2 12-channel ECG machine with 8-inch color LCD display and touch function keys, alpha numeric keyboard ensures easy clining, 32000Hz sampling frequency, lead reversal detection, PDF export of data, and internal storage of 350 ECGs. Pediatric ECG and 10 minutes resting rhythm possible. CCAA (culprit coronary artery algorithm) option provides information about obstruction site in the coronary artery
Cardiovit MS 2015 12 lead high end resting ECG system, 15-inch display, instant ON and printout in 3 seconds, 4000Hz sampling frequency, detection of loose electrodes, electrode impedance, over voltage AC noise, baseline fluctuations & muscle tremors, USB connection, can be upgraded to 16 channel ECG, thrombolysis & spirometry, internal memory of 350 ECG recordings & can be upgraded to spirometry
Cardiovit FT-1 Tablet size 12 channel ECG machine with 6-channel print out, CCAA algorithm for early STEMI detection, anatomical hook-up view, in-built printer, and lead map facility, tool for pediatric/neonates with sampling frequency of 32,000 samples/sec/channel, display 8-inch touchscreen, large memory of 350 ECGs, bi-directional Wi-Fi connection, interpretation with ETM sport, onscreen review of ECG, interpretations and measurements
Cardiovit AT-180 High-performance 16-channel ECG system. One solution for complete diagnosis, which includes resting, exercise as well as rhythm ECG; it has 18.5-inch wide touchscreen with high sampling rate of 32000Hz; it comes with spill proof alpha-numeric keypad, 12/16-lead resting ECG, better noise filter RNSF, lead reversal detection, automatic BP device BP 200 (optional) anatomical hook-up map for better lead check, connectivity to LAN & WLAN, memory of 10 GB. Upgradable to ETM sport, vector 3D ECG, exercise ECG, arrhythmia detection, signal averaged ECG
Spandan CS 10 PC based resting and exercise ECG system with high quality printouts using laser printer and linked median facility, 12-lead raw ECG simultaneous acquisition, 12 average complexes one enlarged QRS complex on a single screen
Spandan CS-20 PC based exercise ECG system with bluetooth compatibility and ease of operation, time based METs calculation
Cardiovit CS 200 Excellence Dedicated exercise ECG with option of 12/16-lead ECG and advanced tools like Hyper Q, echoview for instant visual ECG analysis and data changes particularly ST segment changes
Cardiovit CS 200 On-board data management; direct function keys allowing immediate emergency ECGs without starting Windows; interfaces for control of digital ergometers, real-time bar graph to provide ST changes in all 12-lead
Cardiovit CS-200 Office PC based exercise ECG with automatic and manual ECG recording modes, selectable print formats automatic patient visit registration, pacemaker detection, patient editing/ user defined print formats/ patient, search function, PDF generation and PDF export, dynamic protocol generator for exercise ECG, resting ECG re-measurement, vector loops (3D) software, arrhythmia detection/documentation software aquisition device MS12 does acquisition through Bluetooth or USB connectivity
Cardiovit CS 200 Excellence ErgoSpiro Integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with full disclosure analysis program with measurement and interpretation, Duke treadmill score, true breath-by-breath analysis of ErgoSpiro Test, real time acquisition and capturing of dynamic Flow Volume for end expiratory volume loops (EEVL) evaluation of ventilatory limitation, display data and charts through standard Wasserman 9-panel plot or customized 9-panel graph, Automatical AT (VT1) and RCP (VT2) detection at the end of each test. Powerful post-test editing phase for data filtering, calculation of thresholds VT1, VT2, VO2max, V slope
Cardiovit CS 200 Office ErgoSpiro Covers all essential ErgoSpiro applications. Cardiopulmonary function test (CPET) system designed according to the latest. ATS/ERS guidelines. Metabolic tests combined with diagnostic-quality 12-lead exercise ECG is suitable for a wide range of subjects, from clinical patients to high-performance athletes. Dual screen allows more flexibility and easy operation With the pneumotach, it ensures the highest possible accuracy Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis (VE, VO, VCO ) with unique maintenance free ultrasonic cell for CO measurement. Charts and data display is available through standard or user defined 9 panel. It has multiple ventilatory threshold detection analysis with 7 different threshold determinations, offline entry of blood gas parameters, fully integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with wireless (MS-12 blue) or wired (MS-12 USB) acquisition module. Reports are customizable including export to PDF format
Skanray CardiSkan mini 12 lead PC based ECG machine. Optional ECG analysis package. PDF print, patient database management and A4 print. Compact and highly portable
CardiSkan Simultaneous 12 lead ECG. ECG acquisition at 1000 samples/sec. 3.5-inch TFT Display with resistive touchscreen. Intuitive hotkeys for quick operation.3-Channel thermal printer. Built-in ECG measurements and interpretation. Visual alarm indicator
stressskan cardi Lead system: standard 12 leads. Patient leads: detachable 10 wires conform to AAMI. Defibrillation protection: protected against 360 J discharge. Lead off detection: yes. Input impedance: >100Mohm. Pacemaker pulse detection: yes. Line noise filter: 50/60Hz. Communication: digital RF. Interface: Built-in RS 232, RS 485. Load: patient load up to 180 kg. Walking area: 500-1500 mm. Construction: smooth & whisper-quiet, sleek new body style, heavy duty steel section, cushioned deck, thick walking belt, and large roller drum
Technocare Medisystems TM-1112 Portable 12-channel ECG machine; available with multiple operation modes: manual/auto/arrhythmia analysis modes
Trivitron Healthcare  iBeat12V Grand Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and display; printing on 210 mm/213 mm thermal paper,10-inch TFT color LCD; alpha-numeric keyboard; built-in 4G SD card; built-in rechargeable lithium battery; pacemaker detection; precise ECG auto-interpretation program; ECG reports on A4 paper(optional); PC-ECG software (optional); connectivity to an external USB printer; software upgrade via SD card
iBeat3V Pro Simultaneous 12 leads ECG acquisition and display; simultaneous 3-lead ECG printing with 80 mm thermal paper; 7-inch TFT color LCD display; alpha-numeric keyboard; Built-in 4G SD card; Built-in rechargeable lithium battery; pacemaker detection; precise ECG auto-interpretation program; PC-ECG software (optional); connectivity to external USB printer; ECG reports on A4 paper (optional); network transmission (optional); software upgrade via SD card
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