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MedTech 2022

ECG equipment

Pisces 12 CH
For recording of electrical activity of heart; 7-inch color display with touchscreen; Directly attach with external USB printer for printing; Full alphanumeric keyboard with many short cut keys to open the various options.

Pisces 3/6 CH
For recording of electrical activity of heart; 5-inch color display with touchscreen, which provides better visibility; full interpretation; fully automatic, portable, sleek and light weight.

Allied Medical

Allied Meditec E427
5.6-inch high resolution 12-channel ECG machine; Storage capacity of 300 ECGs.

Allied Meditec E417
8.4-inch touchscreen display with alphanumeric keyboard. 12-channel ECG machine; inbuilt recorder; automatic data interpretation, anti-defibrillation and pace-maker detection.


CardioCare 2000
Simple & fast 12-channel resting ECG.

CardioTOUCH 3000
Simplifying workflow, easy-to-use 12-channel resting ECG.

12-channel resting ECG with advanced usability and accuracy; 7-inch touchscreen; ST map.

BPL Medical Technologies

12-channel ECG recording with Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm.

Single-channel ECG recorder with 12-lead simultaneous acquisition with Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm.

CARDIART 8108 View/6208 view
6-channel ECG recording. Automatic measurements and interpretation. Internal storage 800 ECGs and can be enlarged by USB. CARDIART 6208 view is a 3-channel ECG recording. 3.5-inch color LCD screen. Automatic measurements and interpretation.

Advanced Windows-based stress test software enables accurate recording and motion artefacts reduction in stress ECG.

TRAC neo T1
3/12-channel digital recording. Recording time: 24 hrs, 48 hrs, 72 hrs, 96 hrs or continuous (till battery lost: up to 8 days).

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

MEM 12
12-channel, portable, color display touchscreen ECG machine; weak-signal detection; automatic measurements and interpretation; smart ECG viewer software; one-touch operation.

EMCO Meditek

EMCO iE7300
3-channel ECG has storage capacity up to 1500 files and ECG management software. 5-inch LCD color display with 4 hours built-in rechargeable battery.

GE Healthcare

Provides proven diagnostic support enabling clinicians to make fast, accurate diagnosis; its flexible connectivity solutions offer clinicians the data they need to help improve patient outcomes and streamline workflow throughout the continuum of cardiac care.

Delivers an EMR-ready solution with reliable ECG information; it enables healthcare providers to connect the hearts of patients to the minds of physicians with accurate and reliable ECG information for faster, more confident diagnosis.

Puts advanced diagnostic tools at your fingertips, enabling physicians to deliver one of the world’s best ECG analysis; and with on-screen ECG results, you have the completely digital workflow that can help you diagnose patients faster than ever before.

Mindray Medical

BeneHeart R12
Automated diagnosis using the V4R (C4R) electrode placement; easy to use technology; 8-inch high-resolution color display with optional touchscreen.

BeneHeart R3
5-inch color screen; offers the highest resolution enabling clinicians to observe real-time waveforms accurately.

Nihon Kohden

Cardiolife C: ECG-3150
3-channel interpretive resting ECG; Compact and lightweight; 5-inch color screen displays simultaneous 12-lead ECG.

Cardiolife M: ECG-2350K
12-channel interpretive ECG with 7-inch large color LCD screen; Print preview facility; 400 ECG storage in internal memory.

SynECi 18
Synthesized 18-lead ECG technology; Provides the additional information for right ventricular and posterior wall from standard 12-lead ECG without additional procedure.

Philips Healthcare

PageWriter TC50
16-lead ECG algorithm; Automated reporting sequence.

PageWriter TC30
Visual guidance to simplify ECGs; 16-lead ECG algorithm expands diagnostic capabilities; Lead placement aids accurate placement of leads on the patient.

SCHILLER Healthcare

3-channel ECG machine with 5-inch color display; It has lead reversal detection with a high sampling frequency and large frequency band for optimal signal quality for adult and pediatric ECG; Provides real time signal preview and post-acquisition review. CCAA (Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm) option provides information about obstruction site in the coronary artery.

12-channel ECG machine with high resolution LCD display, stress test capability, and battery backup of 300 ECG prints on A4 size paper.

12-channel ECG machine with 8-inch color LCD display and touch function keys, alpha numeric keyboard ensures easy cleaning, 32000 Hz sampling frequency, lead reversal detection, PDF export of data, and internal storage of 350 ECGs. Paediatric ECG and 10 minutes resting rhythm possible; CCAA (Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm) option provides information about obstruction site in the coronary artery.

Tablet size 12-channel ECG machine with 6-channel print out, CCAA algorithm for early STEMI detection, anatomical hook-up view, in-built printer, and lead map facility, tool for pediatric/ neonates with sampling frequency of 32,000 samples/sec/channel, dislay 8-inch touchscreen, large memory of 350 ECGs, bi- directional Wi-Fi connection, interpretation with ETM sport, oncreen review of ECG, interpretations & measurements.

Skanray Technologies
CardiSkan mini
12-lead PC-based ECG machine. Optional ECG analysis package. PDF print, patient database management & A4 print. Compact & highly portable.

Simultaneous 12-lead ECG. ECG acquisition at 1000 samples/sec. 3.5-inch TFT display with resistive touchscreen. Intuitive hotkeys for quick operation. 3-Channel thermal printer. Built-in ECG measurements and interpretation. Visual alarm indicator.

Stress skan cardi
Advanced stress test workstation with wireless ECG acquisition unit, accurate ST measurements and automatic arrhythmia detection with clean trace, online filtering & automated baseline correction for stable measurements. High-end treadmill with 180 Kg patient weight capacity & walking area of 1500 mm.

Trivitron Healthcare

iBeat 3V Pro
Offers simultaneous 12-leads ECG acquisition and display and simultaneous 3-lead ECG printing with 80mm thermal paper. With alphanumeric keyboard, patient data are easily entered. With built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

iBeat 12V Grand
Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and display; Printing on 210 mm/213 mm thermal paper,10-inch TFT color LCD; Alpha-numeric keyboard; Built-in 4G SD card; Built-in rechargeable lithium battery; Pacemaker detection; Precise ECG auto-interpretation program; ECG reports on A4 paper(optional).

iBeat 12V Pro
7-inch LCD display; Quick acquisition and stability; Cine-loop function – saved ECG waveform replay; magnetic card reader and bar code scanner; Supports data management software.

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