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Egypt to boost medical tourism, global outreach

In a significant move to bolster medical tourism, the Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, presided over the signing of a strategic partnership between the Ministry and the Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS), an entity under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. This alliance is set to amplify the promotion of Egyptian medical services on an international scale.

The Ministry’s spokesperson, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, highlighted that the initiative is geared towards kick-starting a series of actions aimed at invigorating the medical tourism sector. The goal is to elevate Egypt’s profile on the global medical tourism stage, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic growth, in alignment with the directives of the political leadership.

Further, Abdel Ghaffar emphasized the agreement’s focus on tapping into the potential of medical tourism inflow from various African and Arab nations. These regions represent a fertile ground for attracting health tourists, thanks to Egypt’s provision of high-calibre healthcare services at competitive prices.

Abdel Ghaffar remarked, “The collaboration is designed to fortify Egypt’s geopolitical stature and project a positive portrayal of its service capabilities, consistent with the responsibilities of all progressive state institutions. It also aims to showcase the facilities and support Egypt extends to its Arab and African brethren.”

Elaborating on the operational aspects, Samih Amer, the Advisor to the Minister for Medical Tourism, mentioned that the Ministry is set to equip the ECS with comprehensive data and promotional content about select hospitals and medical services. This material is intended for distribution through the ECS’s network of commercial offices, thereby enhancing international marketing efforts. Additionally, the ECS will play a pivotal role in addressing queries from its global offices concerning the medical services available for health tourists.

Yahya Al Wathiq-billah, the Head of the ECS, asserted that the agency is committed to actively promoting the designated hospitals and their medical offerings across its commercial representations housed within Egyptian embassies. This will include liaising with private hospital agencies and entities within the medical tourism industry across various accredited nations, utilizing specialized marketing tools to showcase the diverse and unique medical expertise available in Egypt.

Al Wathiq-billah also noted the ECS’s dedication to publicizing all medical tourism-related events and exhibitions hosted in Egypt, leveraging the commercial representation offices to ensure a wider reach. This initiative is expected to streamline the process for patients seeking medical care in Egypt’s esteemed hospitals. Dailynewsegypt

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