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Emerging trends in hematology analysis

The persistent growth of the hematology market is attributed to the increased incidences of blood disorders and increased prevalence of other diseases and infections. Rapid technological advances in hematology analysis and the emergence of high throughput hematology analyzers with novel parameters have also contributed to the rapid growth of hematology market.

The role of the laboratory in disease diagnosis and management has expanded in recent years, and this has resulted in overwhelming rise in testing demands. The availability of skilled technologists and specialists has been also a challenge across the country. This challenge of getting skilled manpower and their retention is more severe in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. To meet the needs of an overworked and mostly multitasking workforce, today’s hematology analyzers not only must deliver more clinical data than ever before, but also should be easier to operate, relieving overburdened laboratory staff members of cumbersome tasks.

Hematology analyzer manufacturers have answered these needs with technological evolutions in the areas of new product developments, workflow improvisation, analytical advancements, and clinical information management. Further, revolutionary advancements in computing, electronics, and manufacturing, along with continuous innovation in the areas of biotechnology, fluidics, and mechanics have led to a reduction in the size of analyzers and increase in the speed of analysis.

All these developments have resulted in accelerated overall treatment regimen with improved accuracy and elimination of human errors. This evolution is providing the clinicians a plethora of information that was not available earlier with routine CBC differential count and conventional hematology analyzers.

We all are advancing to such a future where hematology cell counters have ability to identify and monitor clinically significant cellular transformations, and evolve as a powerful tool for management of any medical condition, which impacts blood cells. It is evident and well accepted that the advanced and efficient systems are adding indispensable clinical value to modern laboratory practices. The technologies like fluorescence flowcytometry have not only increased accuracy and precision of testing but also added many new parameters like immature granulocytes (IG#, IG%) and NRBC in routine CBC+Diff analysis. This also gives option for reticulocyte count and enumeration of reticulocyte fractions. Fluorescence flowcytometry offers option for various body fluid analyses, without additional hardware or reagents on cell counters.

The advanced hematology analyzer from Sysmex, who is a global leader in hematology automation and frontrunner in research and development in advanced clinical parameters (ACPs) uses fluorescence flowcytometry in all 5-Part differential hematology analyzers. Sysmex provides options from standalone hematology analyzers to scalable systemization with integration of various modules like automated cell counters, slide makers, and AI-enabled automated cell image analyzers.

AI enabled automated cell image analysers are further advancement towards enhancing capacities of hematology equipment in cell identification and reducing labour intensive manual PBS review. Morphological assessment of blood smear has been performed by conventional manual microscopy for many decades. Recently, rapid progress in digital imaging and information technology has led to the development of automated methods.

By pre-classifying cells using artificial intelligence algorithms, digital image analysis automates the blood smear review process and enables faster slide reviews. Digital image analyzers also allow remote networked laboratories to transfer images rapidly to a central laboratory for review and facilitate a variety of essential work functions in laboratory hematology such as consultations, digital image archival, libraries, quality assurance, competency assessment, education, and training.

Sysmex hematology systemization is the best scalable solution for all the needs of hematology section in pathology laboratories in terms of advanced cell counting, smear making & staining and digital morphology analysis.

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