Endoscopy Equipment




DSS Imagetech


Flexible endoscopy system for gastroenterology and pulmonology

Genuine Medica

VMES series

Adopted color charge coupled device; Flexible control section; Sterilizable; Auto and manual light intensity adjustment; Auto colour tone adjustment


Made up of high-quality alloy steel; Storage comaptible

Referbished Laparoscope

Compact design; Sturdy construction; Longer service life; HD video with incredibly small and ergonomic camera head; Progressive scan technology

Laryngo Fiberscope ANF Series

Adaptation of plastic bending section; Better effective position of instrument channel; 2 mm diameter; Easy operation


Endoscope Camera System

HD3 Endoscope Camera System delivers high definition and exceptional image quality to distinguish anatomy across all minimally invasive procedures, with USB storage function, compatible coupler with German standard with buit in recording system, having light source, insufflator and pump for hysterscopy or laproscopy

Olympus Medical Systems

GIF-H290EC (Gastro Endocytoscope)

Ultra-high magnification of up to 520x; Real-time in vivo observation of cells and nuclei; opens new possibilities for diagnostic endoscopy

CF-H290EC (Gastro Endocytoscope)

Ultra-high magnification of up to 520x; Real-time in vivo observation of cells and nuclei; opens new possibilities for diagnostic endoscopy

PSF-1 (PowerSpiral)

World’s first motorized spiral enteroscope; HD image; 3.2 mm working channel Water Jet function

CHF-B290 (Video Cholangioscope)

High image quality and NBI; Wide depth of field; Reusable Cholangioscope


Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis; Brighter, more powerful narrow band imaging; Outstanding, true-to-life image quality


Brighter and higher contrast; Narrow Band Imaging; Waterproof One-touch Connector
Operating noise reduction


HDTV image quality and NBI; Long-life LED light source; Pre-freeze function

EU-ME2 (Universal Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor)

Enhanced features advance visualization; Compatibility advances versatility; New features advance functionality; Procedural flexibility

GF-UCT180 (Curvilinear Array Ultrasound Gastrovideoscope)

Superb imaging; Improved forceps elevator design; Increased penetration depth

GF-UE160-AL5 (Radial Array Ultrasound Gastrovideoscope

Full 360° scanning plane; High-resolution images; Excellent maneuverability

Olympus Medical Systems 


Dual Focus & NBI; Outstanding, true-to-life HD image quality; Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis


Outstanding, true-to-life HD image quality; Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging; Slim design and therapeutic capability; With 3.7mm instrument channel diameter


Superior image quality in a super-slim design; Wider possibilities for therapeutic interventions; Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging


HDTV image quality and NBI; Close Focus (2mm observation); Slim design 9.2mm


Improved image quality in a ultra-slim design and NBI; Wide View Angle 140°; Advanced suction capability (2.2mm channel)


Enhanced observation; Dual-channel design; Extra-wide field of view


Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis; Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging; Outstanding, true-to-life HD image quality


HDTV image quality and NBI; Close Focus (2mm observation); Variable Stiffness


Dedicated Energy Source for the Endoscopist; Simple operation by user-friendly design; Intelligent SmartArgon Mode

Shanghai Aohua Photoelectric

AOHUA – 2500

High definition integrated P & L

AOHUA – 2800

HD split design

AOHUA – AQ-200

Full HD with CBI technology

Stryker India 

Precision Scope and AIM Scope

Precision Scope: The advances seen in the Precision IE scope line will increase the capabilities of high-definition surgical video systems in every OR using the aspherical lens technology, improved center to edge resolution, lens coating technology and cost conscious durability; AIM Scope: Proprietary lens technology to enable visualization of fluorescent and near-infrared wavelengths with IRIS & ENV compatible; The scope uses asphericalLens technology for minimized optical distortion and Improved light transmission and edge brightness when compared to ideal eyes scopes

Pneumosure Insufflator

Provides unparalleled performance, real time pressure sensing, and multiple user modes; With its new integrated tube design, the Pneumosure manages optimal pressure and flow rates to achieve greater accuracy during procedures; The 45L insufflator is designed to handle a wide variety of cases including pediatrics, bariatrics, and vein harvesting

Endoscopic Camera Systems and Light Source

1488 HD Camera System provides a clear bright image designed to enhance patient outcomes; Cross-specialty standardization is enabled through nine dedicated surgical specialty settings; 1588 AIM Camera System was designed for visualization of critical anatomy in MIS cases, with unique advanced imaging modalities like ENV, IRIS, DRE, and Desat that allow for visualization in near infrared, and infrared wavelengths; Designed for optimal visualization across multiple surgical specialties; The 1588 AIM Camera System is designed to give you customized control over surgical devices in the OR; L10 Light Source is built on Safelight technology; Designed to prevent burns and fires for increased patient safety along with advanced imaging modes and standard white light in one light source; ENV: Endoscopic near-infrared visualization fluorescent imaging for visual assessment of vessels, blood flow, tissue perfusion, and biliary structure identification; IRIS: Infrared illuminating system transilluminate the ureters with the U-Kit designed to help reduce the risk of ureteral damage

Suresh Enterprise

Silicone Multi Lumen Tube

Sevitsil’s Platinum cured silicone products are manufactured in clean room and complies to EP3.1.9 USP class VI

Vansari Group 

Fleible larynoscope / bronchoscope

Rigid sinuscope / laryngoscope

LED light source with fiber optic cable


Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Fujifilm, Medtronics, Pentax, and J Mitra

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