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MedTech 2022

Endoscopy equipment

Supports dual-image display, so it is unnecessary to switch back and forth between normal light and CBI mode, and can simultaneously view CBI images and white light images in real time, which makes it easier to compare and identify the lesions and improves diagnosis efficiency and accuracy.

With optical chromoendoscopy technique, is the first HO endoscopy system with mdependent intellectual property nghts in 2011, aiming to provide early cancer diagnosis and treatment for ail hospitals.

HD endoscopie image; HbE hemoglobin enhancement; Enhancement(E): 0/1/2/3 level; Color tone adjustment.

Karl Storz

Media type: video, product film, interactive surgical demonstration, teaser.

Mindray Medical

Endoscope camera system – HD3
HD3 endoscope camera system delivers high definition and exceptional image quality to distinguish anatomy across all minimally invasive procedures.

Endoscope camera system – HyPixel U1
Single platform for all rigid endoscopy speciality with 4K image resolution on 55-inch and 31-inch monitor and with colour gamut BT2020. Large view helps surgeon to see most of the details as compared to FHD vision. HyPixel 55-inch monitor comes with single trolley to easy mobilise the whole system within multiple OR, its the only one in the market.

Olympus Medical Systems

GIF-H290EC (gastro endocytoscope)
Ultra-high magnification of up to 520x; real-time in vivo observation of cells and nuclei; opens new possibilities for diagnostic endoscopy.

HDTV image quality and NBI; long-life LED light source; pre-freeze function.

Enhanced observation; dual-channel design; extra-wide field of view.

Pentax Medical
Nasopharyngo laryngoscope: Multifunctional, large instrument channel design; Engineered for comfortable efficiency.

Richard Wolf

Cysto urethroscope
Modular system solutions complemented by flexible, state-of-the-art endoscopes for treatment from neonates to adolescents.

Stryker India

Precision scope and AIM scope
The advances seen in the Precision IE scope line will increase the capabilities of high-definition surgical video systems in every OR using the aspherical lens technology, improved center to edge resolution, lens coating technology and cost conscious durability.

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