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Epidemic Hospital with 600 beds to be opened in Pune soon

After Corona, the importance of research on epidemic diseases has been highlighted all over the world. The highest number of deaths due to Corona has been reported in the state, and against this backdrop, the health department has undertaken a plan to set up a well-equipped 200-bed epidemic hospital in Pune to combat infectious diseases.

Due to the emergence of many forms of Coronavirus in two years, many countries started thinking of setting up well-equipped laboratories and epidemic hospitals, considering future epidemic diseases. The state health department decided to give priority to setting up a state-of-the-art laboratory to combat epidemics and an epidemic hospital. Due to this, initially, the site of Aundh Uro Hospital in Pune was decided to be set up as a disease hospital.

A senior official of the health department said that there is also a plan to acquire Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri for communicable and non-communicable diseases. A 600-bed equipped Epidemiology Hospital was to be set up at Aundh Uro Hospital. 200 beds were to be arranged in the first phase. But after inspecting the site of the hospital in Aundh, it was decided to set up an Infectious Disease Hospital on the five hectares of Bandarwala Ahasakya Hospital instead.

A detailed proposal for the construction of this hospital has been prepared by the Health Department and it has been sent to the Ministry of Health for approval. In the first phase, a well-equipped epidemic hospital with 200 beds will be constructed, and in the next phase, it will be increased to 500 beds. In the 200-bed hospital in the first phase, 30 beds have been arranged in the intensive care unit, 20 beds for brain disease patients, 20 beds for respiratory diseases, 20 beds for fever patients, and 10 beds for children will be created. Health department sources said that a provision of Rs 200 crore has been proposed for setting up the hospital. There will be an arrangement for epidemic training, research, treatment and referral services at this place. Punekar News

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