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Erba EM 200 from Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.

Erba EM 200 – Offering biochemistry workflow management within reach of small- to medium-sized laboratories.

The Erba EM 200 is a Made in India fully automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer, combining all the high-end features on to the bench-top model from Transasia. It offers a throughput of 200 photometric tests/hour, or 400 tests with ISE per hour, thus bringing biochemistry workflow management within reach of small- to medium-sized laboratories.

Product applications
EM 200 is capable to perform all routine biochemistry tests as well as special chemistries.

  • Routine chemistries. RFT, LFT, KFT, lipids, diabetic profile, ions, anemia profile and many more parameters.
  • Special chemistries. HbA1c, ferritin, RF, CRP, ASO, micro albumin.

Benefits of EM 200

  • Compact bench-top analyzer having a small foot print; occupies less space in the laboratory.
  • Permanent hard glass cuvettes reduce operational cost and minimize downtime.
  • Advanced on board 8-stage laundry prevents carryover and cross contamination.
  • Windows-based user-friendly software with advanced GUI.
  • Backed up with Internet of Things (IoT), Erba EM 200 is enabled with remote service option, which helps in reducing instrument down time.

Key features

  • Erba EM 200 offers 50 reagent positions with improved on-board cooling mechanism. This helps increase on-board stability of reagents, All 39 sample positions offered by Erba EM 200 can be used for STAT samples, thereby enabling the user to reduce the turnaround time (TAT) for STAT samples. With 45 permanent hard glass cuvettes, Erba EM 200 does not require repeated cuvette replacement, thereby resulting in reduced cost per test.
  • Unique waterproof, dustproof static photometer design improves overall performance and longevity of photometer, thus providing accurate results.
  • Erba EM 200 utilizes just 180 µL of reagent per test, which further reduces reagent per test usage that results in lower CPT.
  • EM200 has facility for conducting auto re-run, auto dilution of sample as per demand.
  • Bidirectional connectivity, optional barcode reader for sample and remote service are additional facilities permissible in EM 200.

Thus EM 200 gives complete solution to the customer by providing precise and accurate results with real time monitoring, flexibility in reagent pack sizes to minimize wastage, efficient QC program, easy-to-use software, and flexibility to run special chemistries and immunoturbidimetry assays, apart from routine chemistries. Moreover, EM200 eliminates manual intervention, thereby enhancing productivity and cost efficiency, thereby bringing complete biochemistry workflow management within reach.

Naveen Badoni
VP – Marketing,
Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd

The Erba EM 200 fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer is a reliable, time tested, and well accepted analyzer, by mid- to high-volume labs across India with more than 10,000 installations; thus combining all the high end features on to the bench-top model. Erba EM 200 performs up to 200 photometric tests/hour (up to 400 tests/hour with the ISE). It offers several benefits, such as highly reliable, precise, and pocket-friendly performance by permanent hard glass cuvettes with 8-stage on-board laundry and unique dustproof static photometer design.

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