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Erba Group Promises To Deliver Unrivalled Affordability And Technology In A Burst Of New Products Launched At AACC 2019

  • Exclusive unveiling of advanced automation analyzer – NEXUS, a new affordable, modular, mid-scale Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay and Hematology range with sample selection and transport systems, making powerful automation accessible to growing labs
  • New product upgrades in Clinical Chemistry
  • Introduced Erba LIMS software with mobile app
  • Multiple on-booth presentations and showcases

Erba Mannheim, a leading global in vitro diagnostic company and a part of the global Transasia-Erba group, recently participated in the 71st Annual Scientific Meeting of AACC (American Association of Clinical Chemistry). In addition to showcasing their latest, high quality, affordable IVD solutions in Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis and Immunoassay, the Erba group also introduced NEXUS, its advanced automation range.

Aimed at delivering mid-scale, advanced automation across immunology, clinical chemistry and hematology, the Erba NEXUS range employs advanced technology including AI-based blood cell image analysis, advanced CLIA magnetic beads, thick film ISE analysis and an intuitive sample transport system to deliver affordable modular automation.

“Mid-sized labs need to streamline workflow, optimise space usage and accelerate turn-around time (TAT) with high result quality to keep their operations viable. But the challenge that they face, is that they are either too small for big automated systems, or too big to keep adding stand-alone auto-samplers. We developed the NEXUS range to fill this gap, giving mid-scale labs access to advanced modular automation. It offers technology specifically designed to improve workflow with high analytical test quality at an affordable price,” said Alastair McLeod, Vice President Global Marketing, Erba group.

Nikhil Vazirani, Managing Director, Erba group further added, “NEXUS is an exciting development based on years of close customer feedback. Our vision is to make total lab automation more common in emerging markets and allow the average mid-sized lab to offer higher quality diagnostics to millions of underserved patients.”

Besides unveiling NEXUS, the Erba Group showcased some other products such as, XL 200 and XL 640, clinical chemistry analyzers now upgraded to include a touch screen with improved software for easier operation, longer walk-away time and faster TAT. Elan 30s, a fully automated compact benchtop ELISA microstrip processor was also showcased. Elan 30s can perform 6 different tests simultaneously.

Not just the analyzers, the Erba group also introduced the new Erba LIMS software with mobile app providing high function device interfacing and remote online approval of patient reports, eliminating need for expensive LIS systems.

Along with new products, the existing suite of Erba solutions was also featured, including the LAURA XL, fully automatic urine analyzer and the H560 and ELITE 580, fully automatic hematology analyzers.

The product display was supported by four on-booth insightful sessions by Erba’s team of product experts. Varied topics on AI enabling urine analyzers to achieve efficiency of sample processing, choosing the appropriate lab method for ovarian reserve test, assessing the performance of biomarkers for clinical chemistry analyzers, and affordability of LIMS software apps to add flexibility, quality and speed to data management were covered.

Erba is a part of the global Transasia-Erba group founded by Suresh Vazirani in India, and with operations in Europe and the US. It serves millions across 100 countries. Transasia-Erba group is India’s No. 1 In-vitro Diagnostic (IVD) company and among the leading global IVD players focused on emerging markets. At present, there are just three companies in the world who can offer complete range of products to a clinical lab. The Transasia-Erba group is working to become the fourth company in the world to offer a complete line of IVD products.

AACC welcomed more than 20,000 medical professionals and healthcare leaders to the 71st Annual Conference held between 4-8 August 2019 at California. The meeting featured pioneering advances in medical testing to help patients get the right diagnoses. The clinical lab expo also featured 835 exhibitors, the highest in the history of AACC! – Medical Buyer Bureau

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