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Exhibitions “Medinex” and “Beauty Azerbaijan” will be held on November 2-4

This year, on November 2-4, the 3rd Azerbaijan International Exhibition of Medical Innovations “Medinex” and the 3rd Azerbaijan International Beauty Industry Exhibition “Beauty Azerbaijan” will be held at the Baku Expo Center.

These exhibitions will once again play a fruitful and significant role in fostering entrepreneurial connections and establishing new relationships among industry experts and business owners. They will provide an opportunity for exchanging up-to-date information, facilitating business deals, and forming advantageous contracts.

“Medinex” is an important and influential medical event that brings together healthcare professionals in Azerbaijan. The exhibition will feature leading local and international manufacturers and distributors who will present their new products and services to contribute to the improvement of the country’s clinics, meet the demands of consumers, and enhance the effectiveness of healthcare.

Among the participating countries are Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Korea, and others. The exhibition’s exposition will bring together leading companies in the medical field from various countries, such as “Arash Medical Company,” “AS-Medical,” “LABSERVIS LTD,” “IHG” (International Health Group), as well as local manufacturers like “Biopharmax AFEZCO” and others.

The exhibition aims to cover various areas in the medical field, including medical information technologies, medical equipment and devices, medical products, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and dietary supplements, orthopedic products, dental equipment and tools, dental services, optics and ophthalmology, laboratory equipment and technologies, equipment for medical institutions, medical tourism, products for the elderly, dietology, medical education, and sanitary transport departments.

The Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions (TABİB) and The State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance have confirmed their participation and are the official supporters of the “Medinex” 2023 exhibition.

Along with the “Medinex” exhibition, the beauty industry exhibition “Beauty Azerbaijan” will be held. Within the framework of the exhibition, product and service presentations are expected in sectors such as “SPA & Wellness,” products for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, perfumery, personal hygiene products, natural and organic cosmetics, decorative cosmetics, professional cosmetics, salon equipment, tools for nail services, and hair and body care products.

Within the framework of the “Medinex” and “Beauty Azerbaijan” exhibitions, various business events involving specialists from different fields of medicine are planned. As a tradition, B2B meetings will be organized, where local and international entrepreneurs will participate. These events aim to bring together industry experts on a single platform, strengthen business connections, and create excellent opportunities to expand the sales geography. Both “Medinex” and “Beauty Azerbaijan” exhibitions, with the participation of international attendees, offer a great opportunity for networking, fostering business relationships, and expanding market presence.

Last year’s event was attended by 92 companies from 12 different countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Algeria, Switzerland, Italy, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Turkey, and Japan. In total, the exhibition was visited by over 6,000 people. Additionally, during the exhibition, various speakers conducted sessions on current topics.

The organizer of the exhibitions is Caspian Event Organisers company.
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