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FICCI Calls For Better Infection Control, Screening To Curb Coronavirus

Industry body Ficci on Monday called for measures to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus in India, even as two more cases — one in Delhi and another in Telangana — were reported in the country.

It suggested adoption of infection control practices and strengthening of screening at airports, among others.

“Till date India has been relatively untouched. The most important part of our strategy must be screening and ensuring that the virus does not enter and parallelly a hospital preparedness strategy is in place,” Ficci president Sangita Reddy said.

She said this needs to be further backed by mapping of available health-care resources in both public and private sector, for sample testing, quarantine and treatment to prepare for likely spread.

The Health Ministry on Monday said two more positive cases of the novel coronavirus — one in Delhi and another in Telangana — have been reported.

“Screening at all ports of entry for travellers from all countries should be immediately strengthened. As private hospitals in India cater to many international patients under Medical Value Travel, active involvement of the private healthcare providers becomes even more critical to develop protocols for screening, isolation and treatment of COVID-19 infected persons,” Reddy said.-Business Standard