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Flow cytometers

BD India
BD FACSDiscoverTM S8
Derive greater insights and unlock new discoveries using image-enabled spectral sorting. First spectral flow cytometer sorter with sort-capable image analysis, expands the power of cell analysis and sorting to new dimensions by combining spectral flow cytometry with real-time spatial and morphological insights—empowering scientists to address previously impossible-to-answer questions

BD FACAriaTM Fusion
The cell sorter that delivers exceptional multicolor performance

Near-patient CD4 Counter. A portable CD4 testing solution that increases and improves access to treatment and care for HIV patients

BD FACSymphonyTM A1
Premium high-end BD FACSymphonyTM instrument technology scaled to fit on your benchtop to meet a broad spectrum of research needs, from small particle research to 16-color immunophenotyping

Combines simplicity, speed and automation to ease workflow and improve productivity. This next-generation flow cytometer enables standardization and collaboration through consistent results and unique assay portability capabilities

Bio-Rad Laboratories

ZE5 cell analyzer
User-friendly design; design and run complex multi-parameter panels; seamlessly load samples

S3e cell sorter
Fully automatic, compact system; 2 lasers, 4 colors, automatic drop delay

Latest platform launched for single cell studies


CyFlow Counter/CyFlow Space
Fully equipped robust desktop flow cytometer for easy monitoring of HIV by CD4/CD3/CD8 T cell counting, and CD4% count; It performs both fluorescence analysis and True Volumetric Absolute cell Counting (TVAC) without the need for reference beads; CyFlow Space is a compact benchtop flow cytometer (Up to 5 light sources: 4 lasers and UV LED, 13 color) for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles. Offers TVAC

CyFlow Cube 6_V2m
A compact bench-top flow cytometer for the analysis of microorganisms, single cells and microscopic particles. Comes with a standardized laser configuration, which is an optimal solution for dedicated applications. The CyViewTM software provides instrument control, data acquisition and real-time data analysis

CyFlow Ploidy Analyzer
A compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis, high-resolution DNA and genome size analysis for plants, animals and micro-organisms. This modular system is equipped with a UV LED (365 nm) and/or a green laser (532 nm) which, when used in combination with Partec CyStain reagents, provides high-resolution DNA analysis with DAPI or propidium iodide

CyFlow Cube 8/ Cube 6
A compact benchtop flow cytometer (Up to 3 laser, 6 color) for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles. Offers TVAC; Cube 6 is a compact benchtop flow cytometer (Up to 2 laser, 4 color) for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles. Offers TVAC

A multi-laser optical layout with Sysmex’s proven fluidics design for reliable performance in a flow cytometer. Stable fluidics, even at high sample acquisition rates, ensures the system is capable of rapid data collection and analysis with highly sensitivity; Three light sources to provide the capability to use numerous fluorochromes (488 nm, 638 nm, 405 nm)

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer
Advanced, high throughput, acoustic focusing, benchtop flow cytometer with up to 14 colors and brightfield imaging capability, used for all flow cytometric cell analysis applications, including those that need visual confirmation of cell identity and morphology

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