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Fortis in Bengaluru completes 500 robotic aided urology procedures

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road announced the successful completion of 500 Robotic aided Urology procedures in an event held in the city today. The urology team at Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru led by Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy, has completed 500 robotic surgeries in 53 months of the installation of Da Vinci surgical system at Fortis Bannerghatta. The 500 robot-aided surgeries include complex robotic procedures encompassing the entire gamut of Uro-Oncology, Uro-Gynaecology, Reconstructive Urology, Kidney Transplant etc. The hospital also announced the launch of BK ultrasound MRI Fusion Biopsy solution, a game changer in Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Robot-aided surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which allows surgeons to have better vision, precision, and control while performing the surgeries. Other benefits include decreased pain, fewer post-operative infections and less scarring. Recovery is rapid, with minimal hospital stay, faster mobilisation and rehabilitation. Reducing the chance of infection makes it an ideal procedure for people with diabetes and other co-morbidities.

Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy, Director, Urology, Uro-oncology, Uro-gynaecology, Andrology, Transplant & Robotic Surgery, Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru, and Chairman, Renal Sciences Specialty Council, Fortis Hospitals, India said, “We have been employing Da Vinci Robotic Surgical platform provided by Intuitive, the latest frontier in the world of surgery since many years. Our urology team with great expertise in the related domain has in fact successfully carried out 500 robotic urology procedures since its introduction in the year 2017. This momentous milestone has been achieved in just 53 months, despite 2 years of Covid disruption. As part of our endeavor to provide latest technological innovations and advanced systems of care for enhanced patient experience, we have now introduced the latest and most promising advancement, BK ultrasound MRI Fusion Biopsy solution, to improve the early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer that has not been diagnosed by the standard technique of prostate biopsy. We are confident that this solution will be a valuable asset for our organization and look forward to its positive impact on patient outcomes.”

Akshay Oleti, Business Head, Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru said, “My heartiest congratulations to Dr Mohan and his entire Urology team. 500 robotic surgeries in just 53 months is indeed a milestone worth all our praise. The record time achievement itself speaks volumes about the clinical acumen and capabilities of our Urology team. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care using the most advanced technologies available. With the introduction of BK ultrasound MRI Fusion Biopsy Solution, we are hopeful to see excellent clinical outcomes in patients. This innovative solution represents the future of healthcare, and we are proud to be at the forefront by introducing this technological advancement, for the first time in India”

Talking about the Da Vinci robotic surgical system, Mandeep Singh Kumar, Vice President & Country GM, Intuitive India said, “This is indeed an exemplary milestone, and we are glad to have played a role in this achievement. At Intuitive, our goal is to empower surgeons to heal without constraints and to achieve better patient outcomes. This accomplishment is a true testament to that. Dr Keshavamurthy’s dedication and expertise, a well-knit robotic surgery team, and advanced da Vinci RAS technology coupled with Intuitive’s ecosystem development have been the key drivers towards this achievement. In addition, we are proud of our general association with the Fortis group of hospitals. We share similar goals of making robotic surgery more accessible and offering its benefits to the greater patient community.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ram Narayan, Director – Healthware India said, “It is our privilege to join the launch of BK ultrasound MRI Fusion Biopsy. At Healthware, our goal is to provide value added services and our primary responsibility is to the people who use our products. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to improve the early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer and we are confident that this technology will be utilized to its fullest by Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy and his team. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on the on the lives of patients.”  

During the event, several patients shared their story – the smooth surgery carried out robotically as well as the sheer dedication of all the surgeons involved in the process. City Air News

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