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G20 Summit: Members pledge health equity

G20 nations unequivocally announce their pledge to health equity on a global scale, paving the way for affordable and accessible healthcare, mentioned CEO of Pulsus Group Gedela Srinubabu.

Joining the G20 delegates, including CEO of NITI Aayog BVR Subrahmanyam, Dr Srinubabu highlighted an intricate tapestry of the G20’s healthcare aspirations, sharing the key summits across iconic G20 hubs. “The G20’s horizons are extended further and unveils ambitious ventures into the realm of education, epitomising the G20’s holistic vision for global progress,” he said.

Talking about ‘G20’s digital health odyssey: crafting the future of global healthcare’, he stated that under India’s insightful G20 presidency, the birth of the ‘global digital health initiative’ has been heralded, envisioning a seamlessly interconnected digital health.

From crafting a harmonised digital database, catapulting global medical synergy to brick-and-mortar evolution, pioneering programmes to foster shared learning, ensuring the nations tap collective insights to embracing financial pragmatism, visionary goals with pioneering funding strategies, the CEO informed, G20’s vision aims at sculpting a world where health equity transition becomes a reality. The Hans India

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