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G7: PM Modi pitches for digital health, universal health coverage

First of all, I congratulate Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellency Kishida for the successful organization of the G-7 Summit. I have some suggestions for this forum on the topic of Global food security:

Building an inclusive food system that focuses on the world’s most vulnerable people, especially marginal farmers, must be our priority. Global fertilizer supply chains must be strengthened. We have to remove the political obstacles in them. And the expansionist mindset that is taking over the fertilizer resources has to be stopped. These should be the objectives of our cooperation.

As an alternative to fertilizers around the world, we can create a new model of natural farming. I believe that we should take the advantage of digital technology to every farmer in the world. It should be our endeavor to separate organic food from fashion statement and commerce and connect it with nutrition and health.

UN has declared 2023 as International Year of Millets. Millets address the challenges of nutrition, climate change, water conservation and food security at the same time. Awareness should be created on this. Prevention of food wastage must be our collective responsibility. It is essential for sustainable global food security.

Covid has challenged the perspective of humanity’s cooperation and assistance. Availability of vaccine and medicines was linked to politics instead of human welfare. It is necessary to introspect on what should be the future form of health security. I have some suggestions regarding this:

The establishment of resilient healthcare systems should be our priority.

Holistic healthcare should be our motto. The purpose of our cooperation should be the dissemination, expansion and joint research of traditional medicine.

One Earth – One Health, should be our principle; and digital health, universal health coverage should be our goal.

Our priority should be the mobility of doctors and nurses who are in the forefront in the service of mankind.

I believe that the model of development should pave the way for development, and not become a hindrance in the progress of developing countries. The development model inspired by consumerism has to be changed. There is a need to focus on the holistic use of natural resources. We need to focus on development, technology and democracy together. It is important to democratize technology. Technology can be the bridge between development and democracy.

Today women development is not a topic of discussion in India, because today we are pioneer in women-led development. The President of India is a woman, who is from a tribal area. 33 percent seats are reserved for women at the grassroots level. They are an integral part of our decision making process. To ensure the rights of transgender persons, we have made a law. And you will be happy to know that there is a railway station in India which is run entirely by transgender people.

I believe that our discussions today will be beneficial in building an important link between the G20 and the G7 agenda. And will be able to give priority to the hopes and expectations of the Global South.

Thank you.
MB Bureau

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