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Gap In Mental Healthcare Should Go By 2022, NIMHANS Docs Told

Union Minister for Science, Technology and Health Harsh Vardhan on Monday called upon doctors at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHAS) here to ensure by 2022 that no patient in Karnataka was deprived of mental healthcare.

“One good target for Karnataka for the year 2022 is when the Prime Minister wants to deliver a new India to all Indians. If you could ensure that by 2022 not even a single patient in Karnataka will be left deprived of treatment for mental health. Plus, the gap in the treatment of mental health should be adequately eliminated,” he said during the 24th convocation of NIMHANS.

“When you can mentor the whole country, then, of course, you can mentor the districts in the state,” Vardhan said, while appealing to the medical fraternity at NIMHANS to help them achieve a successful model, which can be emulated by rest of the country.

NIMHANS can also encourage the whole country to try and achieve the best possible health parameters in the New India, that is the dream of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking about other targets, the Minister said, We are dreaming of eliminating tuberculosis by 2025. We want to eliminate measles, Kala Azar, filariasis. We want to handle maleria very meticulously.”

He said the government does not want a single child to be left without vaccine which is freely available in the universal immunisation programme.

Also, he appealed to the Karnataka government to sanction an additional 50 acres of land to NIMHANS for the proposed comprehensive trauma care centre in the city. – Business Standard

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