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Haryana unveils plan to boost medical device manufacturing

Haryana is set to emerge as a global leader in medical device manufacturing, driven by a bold vision and strategic objectives outlined in its latest policy. The state aims to create a conducive environment for medical device production, aligning with the ‘Make in India’ campaign to bolster domestic manufacturing and reduce reliance on imports. By emphasizing innovation and stringent quality control, Haryana seeks to foster continuous improvement within its ecosystem.

With clear objectives, including attracting substantial investments and generating employment opportunities, the policy sets a solid foundation for the state’s ambitious goals. It also focuses on promoting exports and bridging technological gaps through research and development initiatives.The policy’s eligibility criteria ensure that both new and existing units align with the state’s vision, offering incentives for expansion and diversification efforts. Fiscal incentives, including subsidies and production-linked incentives, aim to alleviate financial burdens and encourage growth. Overall, Haryana’s Medical Devices Manufacturing Policy 2024 positions the state as a frontrunner in the global medical device industry, promising economic growth, job creation, and advancements in healthcare technology.

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