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Healthcare marketplace EHO raises 1.5 cr fund

The healthcare marketplace EHO Healthcare, which is situated in Raipur, has raised 1.5 crores in a seed round of fundraising from two angel investors, Dhawal Shah and Bivor Kumar. In order to enhance the public’s access to healthcare through ayurvedic medicine, Devkar Saheb launched the Chyawan Ayurveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd in 2018.

Devkar Saheb established the EHO Healthcare super app in 2022, a technology-enabled platform to support the performance of Emergency healthcare services in the form of a mobile application that caters to a wide variety of services with a wide variety of facilities to address the emergency situation with Ambulance, Hospitals, Medical, and Laboratory to minimize and make possible quick emergency assistance in all emergency incidents like a road accident, sudden cardiac arrest, and other emergency situations. In other words, EHO is an ecosystem for all emergency and healthcare facilities where users may book the closest ambulance, hospital, lab, and also obtain medication through the app.

Additionally, EHO provides a bulk surgery theme with a 50% discount on any procedure, including hernia, piles, and other procedures. Hospitals, medical facilities, and laboratories are also given the opportunity to join EHO as partners at no cost. With the high patient volume, EHO gives them advertising, a variety of offers, and market stability.

80000+ users of the EHO Android applications currently avail all the services offered by EHO Healthcare. More than 60 healthcare professionals currently working in the EHO and more than 10 business professionals on the management team.

Devkar Saheb said “We intend to cut the cost of healthcare overall by up to 50% using our platform. And with a goal to dominate the global health technology market we intend to capture $37 US million market share in India during the next five years. In the following three years, we will develop the Pharma and Herbal Park, where we will generate a large amount of employment and provide all medications at the most affordable prices.”

The IBEF analysis estimates that India’s healthcare market is worth $372 US billion with a 16–17 percent CAGR growth, where healthcare becoming one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy in terms of both revenue and employment.

It’s a reality that the situation has radically changed, with health tech serving as the essential precursor for overcoming and improving the state of the medical and healthcare industries. By becoming both a benefit and a requirement for the patients, EHO healthcare is paving the road forward and quickly providing inpidualized care for each and every sick person. Business Standard

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