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Healthcare providers ask govt to roll back COVID bed demand

Days after the Delhi government’s order to reserve 80% ICU beds in all 33 private hospitals, the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI) has requested the state government to roll back the order, claiming it will lead to serious repercussions for non-Covid patients.

The association said that the order was passed by the government without consulting the private sector and that it will be challenged in court, if not rolled back. On Saturday, the Delhi government ordered all the private hospitals with 50 beds or more to reserve at least 80 % of their total ICU bed strength for Covid patients.

The capital meanwhile recorded 4,263 cases on Tuesday, along with 36 deaths, which was the highest number of fatalities in 60 days.

Addressing a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Dr Girdhar Gyani, director of AHPI, said “This is a time when the private sector has been cooperative by taking a lead role in treating Covid-19 patients. We would have desired that the government should have invited the association for some discussion. We are questioning the order on the plea that this will not just expose non-Covid patients to the risk of Covid but also undermine the right of other patients, who are in serious need of surgeries/other treatments, to access urgent healthcare.”

The sample data of ICU admissions collected from some of the leading private hospitals in Delhi by the AHPI, over the last two months, shows that non-Covid patients have required ICU services more than Covid patients. In one of the super specialty hospitals, of the total number of admissions during the months July to August, only 15% were Covid positive patients. In another tertiary and quaternary care hospital, those requiring admissions in surgical ICU stood at 1,605 during the period from June to August. The surgeries included cardiac, gastroenterology, obstetrics & gynaecology, urology, ENT/head & neck, oncology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, transplants and general surgeries.

A senior official from the health department said the minister had discussed it with all the top private hospitals in Delhi through a video conference call. “This is the time when all have to come together to fight the disease. The private hospitals were reached out by the Minister and all had agreed,” said the official. – The Indian Express 


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