Healthcare Real Estate,Simone Health, Discusses How To Get Ahead During Medical Facility Construction

BRONX, N.Y.,The construction process for a medical facility is a fairly lengthy process ranging anywhere from two to seven years. It can be a daunting timeline that is often rife with delays and design reconfigurations. With a rapidly evolving healthcare world and changing patient demands, medical facilities in construction need to be completed increasingly faster to meet demand. Large-scale, complex construction projects like medical facilities are more prone to delays, but there are a series of key steps that can be taken to ensure the building stays on schedule, or even ahead of it. Healthcare real estate development firm, Simone Health, an expert in creating efficiencies in the construction process, discusses how to get ahead during medical facility construction below.

Pre-Design: One of the most important ways to keep your construction project on track is to start with a solid pre-design phase. Pre-design is your project foundation, outlining the scope, budget, 3D design, timeline, and the specs of your entire construction project ahead of time. While it can be tempting to get things going as fast as possible, your entire construction experience will go smoother and be more efficient if the plan is well-laid out beforehand. Preparing for potential delays and design alterations ahead of time will ensure that your construction schedule stays ahead of any set-backs, keeping it on-track for a timely completion.

Structure Review: Modern 3D building models have become highly detailed and advanced in nature, making them into a valuable tool for the entirety of the construction process. Visualizing the total completed structure, with all of the small details like electric, plumbing, and construction material storage, is easily done with today’s software. Using this to your advantage, you can properly address any space or storage concerns early on, while considering the variety of phases in the construction process.

Master Scheduling: Keeping an accurate and well laid out master schedule to refer to during the construction process is another major way to make sure you stay on schedule. The master schedule should be an all-encompassing document that lays out the estimated completion of the various tasks involved in the construction of your medical facility. A smart way to organize the master schedule is by phase, then further broken down into specific steps and activities, in order to accurately assess every part of the total project.

Keep All Parties in the Loop: It’s essential to keep everyone involved in the construction project in the loop. This means communicating efficiently with every person who has some sort of influence on the project’s completion. If there are any changes, delays, or new developments, then the information should be communicated to everybody immediately to maintain the master schedule and keep the project running efficiently.

Keeping your healthcare facility construction ahead of schedule may sound like a pipe-dream, but with the right precautions and effective project planning, it can be a reality. Find out how you can incorporate these tips into your next construction project to see the results for yourself.-Yahoo Finance

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