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Healthcare sector make an effort to bear the Covid-19 pandemic

Standby buffer personnel, internal lockdowns, workplace “buddy systems,” mandatory fatigue reporting, and courses to cope with mental and emotional weariness are just a few of the modifications made to the healthcare landscape to help COVID-19 health warriors maintain battle fit in the current pandemic.

Healthcare facilities acknowledge that the pandemic has challenged and stretched their resources, and the road ahead is fraught with uncertainty and ever-changing living requirements. During the second COVID-19 wave in 2020, India lost almost a thousand critical care health personnel.

Meanwhile, Dr. Snehal Adsule says that a person’s appetite increases significantly in the winter. Let’s consider our body an engine that requires extra fuel to keep its parts warm and working during the winters.

People often gain weight in winters more than in any other season, and it is the most common problem everyone faces in the winter. People have raised their concern that their cravings for food increase during the winter, which is something to be worried about. Increased appetite leads to unhealthy eating habits, obesity, and weight gain, which further leads to many severe health problems.

High calories, food in winter, and fewer workouts make everything clear about the abrupt weight gain during this season. People prefer to stay inside their blankets in the winter than outside, resulting in fewer workout sessions. Dr. Snehal Adsule also mentioned the correct solution or the appropriate diet to control the pace of weight gain in winters. She has strictly advised quitting foods like cakes, cookies, biscuits, and pizza to gain weight. She also added, “These food provide instant glucose (energy) to our blood. But these calorie-dense foods will also result in piling of those extra weight which I am sure you wouldn’t want. Hence it’s Imp to have healthy snacks.” One has to choose their winter snacks wisely. Zee News

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