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Healthify gives pink slips to 150 employees as part of restructuring

Healthify also known as Healthifyme has fired 150 employees in a restricting exercise, as per Inc 42. The sales and the product teams have been impacted in the latest round of layoffs which took place in Healthify.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Tushar Vashist, confirmed the layoffs, stating that the move was aimed at making Healthify’s India business profitable and expanding its presence in the US market.“In the next three-four months, our India business will turn EBITDA profitable and this restructuring was an unfortunate but an important step in line with achieving this. We also have to make sure we have enough resource allocation for the global expansion,” Vashisht told Inc42.

Vashist explained that the restructuring was a necessary step towards achieving profitability in India and ensuring adequate resources for global expansion. Despite the impact on affected employees, Healthify assured robust support during the transition, offering comprehensive severance packages, extended insurance coverage, and job placement assistance.

Impacted employees were offered severance pay equivalent to two months’ salary, extended insurance coverage, accelerated stock vesting in some cases, and cash encashment for accrued leave.

HealthifyMe, commonly known as Healthify, is an Indian digital health and wellness company that was founded in January 20121. It was established by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy with the vision of providing accessible health and fitness services through technology.

The services offered by Healthify include a variety of digital tools aimed at improving nutrition and fitness. One of its key features is HealthifySnap, which allows users to track their meals by taking photos. The AI technology within the app identifies the foods and provides nutritional details, facilitating easy and accurate meal tracking.

Another significant service is the AI Coach Ria, a personalized AI health coach that offers tailored guidance and insights. Ria helps users make healthier decisions by suggesting balanced meal plans, custom workout routines, and providing notifications to encourage positive habits.

Healthify also enables users to monitor various health metrics such as weight goals, sleep patterns, water consumption, and more. It provides access to expert nutritionists and certified fitness coaches who create smart meal plans and customized workout plans. Additionally, the platform includes features like a hand washing tracker, meal journal, and step counter to support users in leading a healthier lifestyle. India Today

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