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BPL as a brand comes with a high brand recall in India, due to its presence for well over 50 years and known for high-quality products and services. BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (also addressed as BPL MedTech below) is a well-known Indian multi-national company, reputed for offering a large product portfolio in the medical devices space, which can meet ~70 percent of the needs of any hospital’s initial setup.

To give you a glimpse of our glorious journey, BPL MedTech carries a legacy of the first Indian company to manufacture ECG devices nearly 50 years ago. And today, we offer large range of products ranging in non-invasive cardiology, critical care and surgery, woman and child care, imaging (currently limited to wide range of solutions in ultrasound, X-ray, and digital radiography) as well as home care solutions. We are intensifying our efforts to incubate many new products from one of our upcoming facilities, either by conducting our own R&D or by partnering with global MedTech technology players under the transfer of proven technology, as technology partnerships, and follow the Make in India initiative under the Hon’ble PM’s vision of Atmanirbhar (self-reliance) in the space of medical devices. Our continuously expanding network of sales and service professionals and partners ensure quick and timely support to our customers across the remotest locations in the country. All these above factors combined make BPL Medical Technologies a one-stop solution for most of the technological needs in a healthcare setting.

Talking about our technology, with great professional design and integration mechanisms, we are introducing most of our products, such as ECGs, patient monitors, defibrillators, analogue and digital X-ray including digital C-arms, the accessories and consumables required with our products and home health connected devices solutions, to name a few, with unique features, protocols, and clinical algorithms (AI) to improve diagnoses efficiency. BPL MedTech’s multilayer EMI/EMC-compliance designs, complex digital and power circuits, and software platforms with simulation tools are just a scant number to list our ground-breaking technologies. With design innovation, integrated with excellence and quality, we are certain that we shall always lead the board of offering cutting-edge technologies.

The company has seen a promising growth rate with >20 percent CAGR since 2015. I have been in this sector for the last 40 years, and in my entire four decades of career, I have never seen a time where the GOI is so keen on building a self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat), especially, in this sector. The medical devices sector is one of the firsts to receive benefits from the GOI’s PLI scheme, a step forward to fast track Make in India medical devices. I strongly believe that the MedTech sector will grow exponentially in years to come, and so we look forward to joining hands with the Make in India initiative as well. We have applied and received PLI for two of our categories, and have accelerated our efforts in this direction to develop more products. We have recently inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Bangalore, in addition to our existing full-capacity facility in Palakkad. We get regular calls from several functions to find out about the progress of our new facility, and to know if they could help in any way. This is an unprecedented time of transparency aiming to build a robust medical devices manufacturing industry. We expect that the current import dependence of >85 percent from the medical devices space will come down to ~50 percent over the next 10 years, and by that time the overall medical devices size will be at minimum of USD 50 billion from the current level of USD 12 billion. This implies that the local industries in the row of the current level of nearly USD 2 billion will grow to reach the level of USD 25 billion in future. This sector holds a high potential to further grow when India becomes the preferred choice of destination for other countries to source medical devices from.

We also see a huge opportunity to export our products to the neighboring countries, and have made significant progress in terms of registering our products in several developing countries, thereby focusing on expanding our business in these geographies too. We have launched several highly competitive and innovative products in India with international standards, thereby venturing into global markets over the past 6–7 years.

Our persistent efforts to gift the world a healthy today and a healthier tomorrow are backed by the recognition and respect we have earned from our customers through decades of dedicated service. On a mission to sustain and further enhance happier living every day, we will continue our pursuits to make healthcare accessible and affordable in India and the world.

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