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In Vitro Diagnostics 2021

Hematology instruments

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand




Abbott CELL-DYN Sapphire Designed for routine testing needs of mid- to high-volume laboratories and difficult samples in specialty testing environments
CELL-DYN Ruby Hematology analyzer with advanced capabilities for mid-volume laboratories
CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL Automated hematology analyzer delivering 5-part differential for low- to mid-volume laboratories
Alinity h-series The Alinity h-series of systems integrates hematology workflow, from high-throughput CBC analysis to automated slide making and staining. With a bi-directional, internal conveyor and a throughput of 125 CBCs per m2, it delivers high performance in one of the most compact footprints available
Agappe Diagnostics Mispa Count X 20 parameters + 3 histograms; Automatic clog clearing; Distinct flags for quick and better diagnosis; QC with L-J graph
Mispa Count Plus 5 part differential analyzer; 3 Histogram and scatter plot for WBC; Flow cytometry & triple counting; Low operational cost and improved laboratory efficiency with cyanide free reagent
Arkray Healthcare Autocell Plus 3-part WBC differential semi automated analyzer; Large touch screen display; Data + Histogram based results; Dual sample mode and small sample volume
Beacon Diagnostics BC-10e 3-part differential hematology analyzer offering 20 parameters and 3 histograms, having throughput of 30 sample/hr, having better linearity for parameters. 50,000 patient result storage with histogram
Bonavera Count 3-part differential hematology analyzer with 60 samples throughput for 21 parameters and 3 histograms. 1 lakh result storage and built-in 4 QC program options
BC-30 A blockbuster revolutionary 3-part differential dual chamber hematology analyzer that offers 21 parameters with 3 histograms, having throughput of 60 sample/hr, with higher linearity and storage of 4.00 lakh results with histogram
UNICORN 5 Fully automated 5-part differential hematology analyzer that offers 25 reportable parameters, 3 histograms & scattarograms, using 3-dimensional laser scatter technology with independent channel for basophilic count.
Bonavera Count 5R 5-part differential hematology analyzer that offers 28 reportable parameters including Retic%, Retic_Abs, & IRF, having throughput of 60 sample/hr and 2.00 lakh result storage capacity
Bonavera Reagent Wide range of generic hematology reagents most ideally suited for many popular brand of hematology analyzers
Beckman Coulter DxH 900 Enables high-volume laboratory to achieve superb RBC, PLT and WBC differentials through near native-state cellular characterization. Industry-leading 93 percent first-pass yield ensures predictable costs and a faster break-even point. Streamlined processes help maximize staff time through the most reportable results per square meter in the industry, fewer slide reviews and high system reliability for greater uptime
DxH 520 A 5-part differential closed tube hematology analyzer, designed to help low-volume laboratory enhance patient care through increased productivity with reduced costs. The system delivers critical results the first time with accuracy, with as little as 375 µL tube fill-volume and an aspiration of only 17 µL—ideal for pediatric or difficult-draw samples. Technologists can experience safety without compromise with closed tube technology, providing optimal security against blood-borne pathogens. It also has one of the smallest footprints in its class, uses only three reagents, and features a robust patient data and QC management package
DxH 800 Put more science—not more staff—in high-volume hematology laboratory. With the DxH 800 hematology analyzer, can utilize accurate data about individual cell size, shape and structure to provide high-quality first-pass results. Go beyond mere cell counting to deliver results to clinicians and patients faster, with greater confidence
Boule Diagnostics Medonic M32B With its compact design, highly accurate results, and low maintenance needs, Medonic M32B 3-part system provides laboratories with an efficient tool for hematology analysis
Medonic M32M A 3-part hematology system supports donor screening and blood banking, with functionalities for analysis of capillary blood and PLT concentrates
Medonic M32C A 3-part hematology system with cap-piercer function that enables analysis of blood from closed tubes
Medonic M32S A 3-part hematology system with autosampler design that provides constant mixing of queued samples
Medonic M51 A 5-part system provides the possibility to leverage high-quality diagnostics, while keeping costs to a minimum
Swelab Alfa Plus Basic With its short analysis time and low maintenance needs, Swelab Alfa Plus Basic 3-part hematology system contributes to efficient health assessments, from patient screening to monitoring of treatment efficacy
Swelab Alfa Plus Standard A 3-part hematology system provides a complete blood count also from a fingerstick blood sample, when venous blood is not avilable
Swelab Alfa
Plus Cap
A 3-part hematology system contributes to operator safety with functionality also for testing of blood collected in closed tubes
Swelab Alfa Plus Sampler Designed for robustness and ease-of-use makes Swelab Alfa Plus Sampler 3-part hematology system suitable also for challenging conditions
Swelab Lumi With its compact design, Swelab Lumi 5-part hematology system is well suited for the smaller laboratory
Compact Diagnostics IraDiff-3 3-part differential; Throughput: 60 tests/hour; 21 reportable parameters; 3 histograms
CPC Diagnostics Dynacount 5D 5-part innovative triangle laser count differential cells
Cormay Diagnostics
Mythic 18 Orphee – Swiss hematology solutions offers fully automated 3 diff hematology analyser with throughput of 60 samples/hour
Mythic 18 VET 3 diff analyser (veterinary); Compact space saving design with sample volume 9.8 μl. Easy to handle reagent pack with low reagent consumption & easy maintenance. Validated for dog, cat, horse, cattle (Other species can be setup individually)
Mythic 22 OT 5 diff analyser (human); Sample volume 15.7 μl. 100% optical differentiation with only 3 reagents. Low reagent consumption. Light weight with easy maintenance
Mythic 22 AL Orphee – Swiss hematology solutions offers fully automated 5 diff hematology analyser with continuous autoloading system & stat mode. Throughput of up to 50 samples/hour. Sample volume 18.2 μl. 24 parameters. 100% optical differentiation with only 3 reagents. Low reagent consumption for affordable 5 diff testing.
Mythic 60 OT 5 diff analyser (human); Dynamic clustering for individualised results. Sample volume -15.6 µl. Only 3 reagents with low reagent consumption. 98.5% uptime. 60 test / hour for 28 parameters
Mythic 5VET PRO 5 diff analyser (veterinary); Throughput of 60 samples/hour. 13 pre-defined animals species with capability to analyse 34 parameters with 20 μl of sample
HORIBA Medical ABX Micros Most economic & durable USFDA approved 3-part hematology analyzer, Throughput: 60 samples/hour, Microsampling: 10μl whole blood, Only 3 reagents, Cyanide Free Lyse reagent, Automated probe cleaning system, Comprehensive quality control program, Unique Flagging System and PAMS technology for lower platelet count.
Yumizen H500 Most economical 6-part hematology analyzer, Throughput: 50 samples/hour, P-LCC (#) & P-LCR (%) parameter for quantification of large size Platelets, Only 2 reagents per analysis (Diluent and Whitediff), Reports corrected WBC, Total 27 parameters
Yumizen H550 First analyzer to report dengue flag and classify Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax infections without any additional reagent, First analyzer in the entry level to report NLR, Only 2 reagents per analysis, Separates nRBC & other debris to give corrected total WBC.
Microsemi CRP Micro-sampling on whole blood: CBC: 10µL / CBC+CRP: 18µL, CBC+CRP results in 4 minutes (15 tests/hour), Ready and easy to use CRP Kits,­ Integrated thermal printer, True infection finder: Differentiates between bacteria, virus & parasite, Gives GLR value, Unique flag for Malaria suspicion, Total 19 parameters
Pentra XL80 Autoloader with 80 samples/hour throughput with integrated workstation, Stat sampling on Open or Closed tube­, Customized Dilution Ratio (CDR) ensures extended linearity, Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC: 35µl, CBC+ Di­: 53µl), 2 extra parameters ‑ Large Immature Cells (LIC) % & # and Atypical Lymphocyte (ALY)
Pentra XLR Total 35 parameters with Retic, Autoloader with 80 samples/hour throughput with integrated workstation, Stat sampling on Open or Closed tube, Customized Dilution Ratio (CDR) ensures extended linearity, Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC: 35µl, CBC+ Di­: 53µl), 2 extra parameters ‑ Large Immature Cells (LIC) % & # and Atypical Lymphocyte (ALY) % and #
Yumizen H1500/H2500 (RETIC & PLT-0) High-end 5-part hematology analyzer with ergonomic bench top model with throughput of 120 samples per hour, Apart from routine 5 part differential’s Yumizen H1500/H2500 has excellent capability to enumerate NRBC & WBC immature cell lines IMM/IML/IMG & NLR. Microcytes% & Macrocytes% with every CBC analysis. YH 2500 also has extensive Retic profile which includes CRC, RHCC, MRV & IRF
Immunoshop Edan H50 LifeDx H3Pro
LifeDx H3Pro 3 part fully automated hematology analyzer
Medsource Ozone Eurocount Plus High throughput European cell counter extraordinary quality results, touch screen, automatic sample rotor in a compact design
Meril Diagnostics CELQUANT 360 Fully automated 3 part differential dual chamber analyzer with independent haemoglobin measurement system. 20 parameters and 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT
CELQUANT 5 NEO 5-part differential hematology analyser with compact design, adopting semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical staining technique
CLOTQUANT 2 A micro processor-controlled; two channel optical coagulometer to determine basic parameters of hemostasis in human citrated blood sample, designed for in-vitro coagulation testing in clinical laboratories
Mindray Medical CAL 6000 Mindray CAL 6000 defines a new generation of cellular analysis line, which supports flexible configurations with 1-2 units of BC-6000/BC-6200 and 1 unit of SC-120, having a throughput of up to 220 blood tests per hour and 120 slides per hour, including LabXpert software integrating all the information at a single interface.
CAL 8000 Fully automated cellular line system with throughput of up to 800 samples/hr, with integrated slide stainer & LabXpert software integrating all the information at a single interface
BC-6800/6800Plus 5-part differential analyzer; SF cube technology; autoloader can load up to 100 sample tubes; optical platelet counting, with IPF as reportable parameter
BC-6000/6200 5-part differential analyzer, unique SF cube cell analysis technology (laser scatter + fluorescence + 3D analysis) NRBC result in every CBC+DIFF count, with additional RET count, whole blood and body UID analysis; up to 110 tests per hour
Nihon Kohden MEK1301 3-part hematology analyzer, 60 samples throughput per hour, Dynahelix technology; ADI & beta thalassemia screening in every sample
MEK1305 3-part hematology analyzer, CBC + ESR testing in just 3 minutes, 60 samples throughput (only CBC); 20 samples throughput with ESR patented technology CiRHEX for ESR
MEK7300 5-part hematology analyzer without autoloader, advanced flowcytometry based, automatic electric clog removal; 60 samples throughput per hour; 55 ul sample required
MEK9100 5-part hematology analyzer with autoloader; 33 parameters including Mentzer’s Index & RDWI; 90 samples per hour throughput; Iron deficiency anemia & beta thalassemia screening in every sample
Suyog Diagnostics Roller 20MC Semi automated ESR analyzer
Sysmex XP-300 Automated advanced 3 part differential cell counter; Unique L-M-N WBC differentiation for faster TAT; Whole blood and pre-dilute mode; Manufactured in Japan; USFDA, 510 (k) cleared
XN-L Series
(XN-330, XN-350, XN-450 & XN-550)
Fully automated 6 part differential hematology analyser; IG# & IG% in every CBC+Diff analysis; Fluorescence flowcytometry principle for accurate and precise WBC differential; Available in 4 models with different aspiration modes and additional clinical parameter requirements of the laboratory; Option for body fluid analysis with 7 reportable parameters
(XN-1000, XN-1500,XN-3000,XN-9000)
Fully automated 6 part differential hematology analyser; Throughput: 100 samples/hour; Option to measure Plt by 3 methods: Impedance, optical and fluorescence
SP-50 Automated slide maker and stainer (SP-50) with throughput of 75 samples/hour; Standalone or integrated with XN series; Automated sample ID print on the slide
DI-60 Integrated digital imaging solution with XN-Series; Throughput: Scan 30 slides/hour
Tulip Diagnostics CounCell 23 Excel A specially designed 3 – Differential hematology analyser for modern laboratory
Transasia Bio-Medicals Elite 580 Five part differential hematology analyzer with autoloader; tri-angle laser based flow cytometry for accurate differentials; 31 parameters including NLR, P-LCC, P-LCR; low sample volume (20 µl) for all age groups; throughput of 80 samples/hr; NABL compliance – Lab mean, traceability of controls and calibrator runs; integrated autosampler and barcode reader
H 560 Five part differential hematology analyzer; tri-angle laser based flow cytometry for accurate differentials; 34 parameters including NLR, NRBC, CWBC, P-LCR; 3 reagent system for cost-effective operations; low sample volume (15 µl) for all patient age groups; NABL compliance – Lab mean, traceability of controls and calibrator runs
H 360 Three part differential hematology analyzer; 22 reportable parameters including PLCC and PLCR; low sample volume (9 μl); NABL compliance – Lab mean, traceability of controls and calibrator runs; built-in printer and barcode scanner; customizable report formats and flexible printing options; unique ADDM and RIMS
Trivitron Healthcare Cellenium 21/jr. 30/380 3-part hematology analyzers
Cellenium 5D/5D Retic 5part hematology analyzers
Hematology reagents Long shelf life, environment friendly & certified hematology reagents

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