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In Vitro Diagnostics

Hematology instruments

Alinity h-series
Integrates hematology workflow, from high-throughput CBC analysis to automated slide making and staining. With a bi-directional, internal conveyor and a throughput of 110 samples/hour, it delivers high performance in one of the most compact footprints available. It delivers 6-part differential with advanced MAPSS (Multi-angle polarised scatter separation) & optical measurement of platelet for each sample.

CELL-DYN Sapphire
Designed for routine testing needs of mid- to high-volume laboratories and difficult samples in specialty testing environments.

Hematology analyzer with advanced capabilities for mid-volume laboratories.

CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL
Automated hematology analyzer delivering 5-part differential for low- to mid-volume laboratories.

CELL-DYN Emerald
Compact hematology analyzer delivering reliable 3-part differentials for low-volume laboratories with a throughput of 57 samples/hour.

Agappe Diagnostics

Mispa Count X
Smart impedance technology; automatic clog clearing; smart reagent management system; ruby aperture(70 & 100 nmicron); cost effective with minimal maintenance.

Mispa Count X Plus
Advance CBC with 2 reagent system; 21+ 2 research parameters(NLR & PLR); 9μL whole blood sample ; smart maintenance.

Mispa Count Plus
Compact 5-part differential hematology analyzer; LED based flow cytometry for differential; Low reagents consumption; cost- effective; reliable and accurate results.

BC 6000
SF Cube technology based counting offering greater clinical values, such as higher flagging efficiency to reduce the ratio of microscopic examination, NRBC/body fluid results generated in a small-footprint system, among others.

BC 6200
SF Cube technology based counting offering greater clinical values, such as higher flagging efficiency to reduce the ratio of microscopic examination, NRBC/RET/body fluid results generated in a small-footprint system, among others.

Beacon Diagnostics

B Count 3
3-part differential hematolgy analyzer offering 21 parameters & 3 histograms, having throughput of 60 sample/hour, having better linearity for parameters. 100,000 patient result storage with histogram.

Bonavera Count
3-part differential hematology analyzer with 60 samples throughput for 21 parameters and 3 histograms. 1 lakh result storage and built-in 4 QC program options.

A blockbuster revolutionary 3-part differential dual chamber hematology analyzer that offers 21 parameters with 3 histogram, having throughput of 60 sample/hour. With compact foot print. Using mainly 2 reagents for sample analysis and offering features like higher linear measuring range for each parameter, 4.00 lakh patient result storage, Bi-directional LIS and requiring sample volume just 9µl.

Fully automated 5-part differential hematology analyzer that offers 25 reportable parameters, 3 histograms & scattarograms, using 3-dimensional laser scatter technology with independent channel for basophilic count. The throughput is 60 samples/hour.

Bonavera Count 5R
2nd level 5-part differential hematology analyzer which provides results for Retic%, Retic Abs as well as IRF along with 5-part differential analysis. Uses FCM & MASS technology without using chemical dye for 5-part enumeration. Instrument with speed of 60 tests/hour and capacity to store 2.0 lakh results in memory with histogram and scattergrams.

Beckman Coulter

DxH 500/DxH 520
Improve clinical decision-making with proven cellular analysis technology, precise platelet counts and accurate first-pass results. DxH 520 – Transform low-volume laboratory with as little as 375 µL tube fill-volume and an aspiration of only 17 µL, ideal for pediatric or difficult-draw samples.

DxH 900
Achieve superb RBC, PLT and WBC differentials through VCS 360 technology, data fusion and the enhanced Coulter principle.

DxH 900 Connected Workcells
Streamline processes with this scalable, customizable hematology workcell solution, connectable to slide marker/stainer and compatible with automation lines and middleware.

DxH Slidemaker Stainer II
Increase laboratory efficiency by preparing slides automatically based on customizable rules.

DxH 560
Small and mighty 5-part differential with flow cytometry and proprietary dynamic gating technology that reduces flagging by 40 percent compared to static gating.

Boule Diagnostics

A 3-part hematology system with autosampler design that provides constant mixing of queued samples.

Swelab Alfa Plus Sampler
Designed for robustness and ease-of-use makes Swelab Alfa Plus Sampler 3-part hematology system suitable also for challenging conditions.

A 5-part system provides the possibility to leverage high-quality diagnostics, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Swelab Lumi
With its compact design, Swelab Lumi 5-part hematology system is well suited for the smaller laboratory.

Exigo H400
Veterinary hematology analyzer system suits every type of veterinary practice. It is easy-to use, maintenance-free model delivers high-quality results in less than a minute.

Compact Diagnostics

3-part differential; Throughput: 60 tests/hour; 21 reportable parameters; 3 histograms.

CPC Diagnostics

Dynacount 5D
5-part innovative triangle laser count differential cells.

HORIBA Medical

Micros ES60
A new generation of hematology analyzer based on the Micros concept, universally recognized for its reliability, robustness, and high-quality results with throughput of 60 test/hr for CBC + 3 DIFF (22 parameters).

Micros ESV60
A reliable and robust hematology analyzer designed to demonstrate high quality test result in vet animal with a throughput of 50 test/hr of CBC+DIFF+Eosinophils.

Microsemi CRP
Micro-sampling on whole blood – CBC: 10µL / CBC+CRP: 18µL; CBC+CRP results in 4 minutes (15 tests/hour); Ready and easy to use CRP Kits, integrated thermal printer; True infection finder: Differentiates between bacteria, virus & parasite; Gives GLR value, unique flag for malaria suspicion; Total 19 parameters.

Yumizen H500
6-part differential hematology analyzer designed on volume, cytochemistry, flow cytometry & double hydrodynamic sequential system technologies to demonstrate high quality result of 27 parameters at a throughput of 60 tests/hour.

Yumizen H550
A compact hematology system featured with artificial intelligence concept to detect dengue, plasmodium vivax, plasmodium falciparum malaria & NLR (prognostic value in cardiovascular diseases, infections, inflammatory).

Yumizen H1500/H2500 (RETIC & PLT-0)
High-end 5-part hematology analyser with ergonomic bench top model. A real throughput of 120 samples per hour. Dedicated modes to process the samples: CBC, DIFF, DIFF-LV, RBC-PLT-O, RET, DIR , CBF & CBR. Automatic 360° rotative sample mixing for perfect homogeneity. Up to 59 parameters with: NRBC in routine included in both CBC and DIFF cycles; optical platelets (optical extinction technology); availability of PLCC & PLCR; low value cycle (LVC) with extended counting; white and red blood cell immature channels; macrocytes% & macrocytes% with every CBC analysis; extended WBC Counting reported with DIFF analysis IMM/IML/IMG/NLR; works only on 5 reagents + 1 cleaner; reticulocyte profile having 11 parameters with immaturity gradient (High, Medium, Low) (only in Yumizen H2500). Expert multi sites validation station embedding standard rules packages. (ISLH rules, Rerun, Reflex, Comment, Validation); body Fluids: 6 parameters (BFWBC, BFRBC, BFPN#, BFPN%, BFMN#, BFMN%); slide processing system (SPS); Middleware P8000.

SigTuple AI100 (Digital Cell Morphology)
Compact, easy to handle analyser designed on artificial intelligence, cloud based technology to improve automated slide review to cater the laboratory need and remote reporting.


Mindray BC-5140

5-part fully automated hematology analyzer.

LifeDx H3Pro
3-part fully automated hematology analyzer.

Meril Diagnostics

Fully automated 3-part differential dual chamber analyzer with independent haemoglobin measurement system. 20 parameters and 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT.

5-part differential hematology analyser with compact design, adopting semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical staining technique.

Mindray Medical

CAL 6000
A new generation of cellular analysis line, which supports flexible configurations with 1-2 units of BC-6000/BC-6200 and 1 unit of SC-120, having a throughput of up to 220 blood tests per hour and 120 slides per hour, including LabXpert software integrating all the information at a single interface.

CAL 8000
Fully automated cellular line system with throughput of up to 800 samples/hour, with integrated slide stainer & LabXpert software integrating all the information at a single interface.

5-part differential analyzer, unique SF cube cell analysis technology (laser scatter + fluorescence + 3D analysis) NRBC result in every CBC+DIFF count, with additional RET count, whole blood and body UID analysis; up to 110 tests per hour.

Nihon Kohden

3-part hematology analyzer, 60 samples throughput per hour, Dynahelix technology; ADI & beta thalassemia screening in every sample.

3-part hematology analyzer, CBC + ESR testing in just 3 minutes, 60 samples throughput (only CBC); 20 samples throughput with ESR patented technology CiRHEX for ESR.

5-part hematology analyzer without autoloader, advanced flowcytometry based, automatic electric clog removal; 60 samples throughput per hour; 55 ul sample required.

5-part hematology analyzer with autoloader; 33 parameters including Mentzer’s Index & RDWI; 90 samples per hour throughput; Iron deficiency anemia & beta thalassemia screening in every sample.

Peerless Biotech

Mission HA 360
It is a next generation hematology analyzer. Sheath flow impedance technology. Integrated hemoglobin (Hb) measurement technology. Special parameters – PLCC & PLCR.

Suyog Diagnostics

Roller 20MC
Semi-automated ESR analyzer.


Fully automated 3-part differential analyzer, reports 20 parameters in both WB & PD (Pre-dilute) mode; Unique L-M-N WBC differentiation for faster TAT; Suitable for laboratories aiming for cost-effective haematology solution; Whole blood and pre-dilute mode; Manufactured in Japan; USFDA, 510 (k) cleared.

XN-L Series
Compact fully automated 6-part differential analyzer; – Immature Granulocyte (IG) with every differential analysis; – Unique fluorescence flowcytometry principle for accurate and precise WBC differential; Superior flagging system for value added information; Increases laboratory efficiency by reducing manual review; – On-board storage of 1,00,000 samples.

Based upon advanced and patented fluorescence flowcytometry principle; NRBC (Nucleated RBC) and IG (Immature Granulocytes) are reported in every CBC+Diff analysis; Optional, Retic, PLT-F, IPF, body fluids, low WBC modes; Optional blood bank channel for quality control of blood products; scalable as per workload requirement. Also can be connected with slide maker / stainer and digital imaging analyzer; US-FDA 510 (k) clearance.

Tulip Diagnostics

CounCell 23 Excel
A specially designed 3-part differential hematology analyser for modern laboratory.

Transasia Bio-Medicals

Elite 580
5-part differential hematology analyzer with autoloader; tri-angle laser based flow cytometry for accurate differentials; 31 parameters including NLR, P-LCC, P-LCR; low sample volume (20 µl) for all age groups; throughput of 80 samples/hour; NABL compliant.

H 560
5-part differential hematology analyzer, now comes to you with upgraded software. Several parameters have been introduced to CBC, such as clinical markers to differentiate iron deficiency, beta thalassemia in the preliminary diagnosis of diseases. 36 Parameters including NLR, NRBC, CWBC, Mentzer index and RDW I.

H 360
3-part differential hematology analyzer; 22 reportable parameters including PLCC and PLCR; low sample volume (9 μl); NABL compliance – lab mean, traceability of controls and calibrator runs; built-in printer and QR code scanner; customizable report formats and flexible printing options.

Trivitron Healthcare

Cellenium 21/jr. 30/380
3-part hematology analyzers.

Cellenium 5D/5D Retic
5-part hematology analyzers.

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