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HORIBA Medical – Strengthening foothold in clinical chemistry

The Indian in-vitro diagnostics market is ~USD 1 billion and growing with a CAGR of ~10 percent.

After stamping its authority as a major hematology player, HORIBA Medical is now stepping into clinical chemistry with a complete range of product lines with an objective to cater to all levels of customers.

Growing awareness of the importance of diagnostic tests and rising disposable incomes are driving demand in the clinical chemistry industry. There is an increased requirement for automated clinical chemistry techniques among healthcare and medical professionals.

Clinical chemistry analyzers have been increasingly popular in recent decades because of major technological breakthroughs and expanding healthcare business demands. With the advancements in technologies, various tests can now be performed in automated laboratories utilizing complex devices.

Fully automated clinical chemistry testing is becoming popular due to the increased testing volume and quicker processing times provided by them. Additionally, with advanced processing, automated clinical chemistry testing boosts user protection from biohazards, and decreases the possibility of cross-contamination.

HORIBA Medical, the clinical diagnostic industry’s trusted partner, is coming up with a new Yumizen C range (clinical chemistry analyzers) offering new levels of instrument and reagent synergy. The new Yumizen C analyzers will provide quick and reliable results, featuring robust hardware and advanced software – all backed by HORIBA Medical’s gold-standard service and support organization. These new analyzers will provide rapid, reliable diagnosis and monitoring, by delivering consistent, accurate results.

The recent acquisition of MedTest Holdings, Inc., which composes of MedTest Dx, Inc., Pointe Scientific, Inc., Clinitox Diagnostix, Inc., and Medical Laboratory Solutions, Inc., by the HORIBA Group will combine the complementary innovative technology offerings of the HORIBA Medical with MedTest Dx technology, Clinitox, and Pointe Scientific’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, with expertise in FDA 510K and CLIA clearances, to address the multidisciplinary requirements of IVD testing customers.

HORIBA plans to offer comprehensive and high-quality clinical chemistry reagents of the POINTE brand. The POINTE brand started in the United States, and has over 40 years of expertise in developing reagents and distribution. The POINTE reagents have been meeting changing demands over decades, and will be paired with chemistry analyzers by HORIBA Medical.

HORIBA India is committed to bringing products of indigenous make to customers, ensuring global product standards and quality. We have two dedicated reagent manufacturing facilities at Haridwar and Nagpur, and are looking forward to starting instrument manufacturing by Q3/Q4 2023 at our state-of-the-art Nagpur facility, which is spread across an area of 12 acres.

The new range of indigenous chemistry manufacturing is expected to address the need of small Tier-II and Tier-III cities, including backup chemistry support for all laboratories with high workloads.

HORIBA India also has an indigenous range of open-market chemistry reagents, Yumizen CR, which are highly cost-effective and high-quality reagents catering to the need of different laboratories across India.

In the coming years, we shall also enter the electrolyte range, which is an essential part of IVD requirement and has seen good growth during the Covid and post-Covid era.

The Indian government is also looking to reduce import dependence from 80 percent to below 30 percent in the next 10 years, and ensure a self-reliance quotient of 80 percent in Med-Tech by ensuring Make in India with SMART milestones. The government is initiating movements, such as Innovate in India, Skill in India, and Heal in India to promote local manufacturing. We are hopeful that this might support the vision of HORIBA Medical for the chemistry product range in India. 

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