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How microfluidics has transformed various industries including MedTech

Microfluidics, the manipulation of minute volumes of liquid and gas on a nanoscale, has transformed various industries, from pharmaceuticals to medical technology. Yet, the conventional approach to pumps and valves doesn’t seamlessly translate to these tiny dimensions. Enter piezo technology, offering unconventional drive solutions that redefine precision, dynamics, and efficiency. This white paper delves into the potential of piezo actuators as a game-changer in active microfluidics.

Drawing from successful implementations, it examines when and why piezo drives excel, as well as the limits and workarounds. Moreover, it explores how piezo actuator technology drives innovation in critical medical applications, from point-of-care diagnostics to single-cell sorting. Join us as we explore the transformative power of piezo actuators in revolutionizing microfluidics. Physik Instrumente

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