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How Neuberg continues to march forward amidst challenging times

The onset of the pandemic has inflicted significant changes on various industries, the health and wellness industry being one among them. But while the world toiled with the situation at hand, we at Neuberg Diagnostics took the situation in our stride and proved dynamic.

As the pandemic brought about an awakening in the masses to maintain their health, the people began to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This lifestyle included the need to monitor one’s health as they took on the preventive healthcare perspective rather than treatment of a disease or disorder, which proved to be a boon to the health and wellness sector.

Neuberg Diagnostics began its journey in 2017 by making available advanced diagnostic tests. While we have a global representation in four countries with more than 1000 touchpoints, we have made 6000+ diagnostic tests available to millions.

In addition, we have a reputation for improving the quality of diagnostic care, based on the standardization and technological advances that we provide. We have established three global centers, with par excellence, which act as our hubs in virology, digital pathology, and genomics.

As we continue to grow, we have planned on expansions in the northern and eastern parts of the country. On the face of the international market, we have set up a new lab in the USA in the last financial year, and are keen to grow by investing in Africa and the Middle-Eastern countries.

In Africa, the focal point of our market will be Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. In the Middle-East, recently we have inaugurated our new lab in Dubai, which will act as a hub in the region.

Acquisitions, being an integral part of our expansion, have proven to be successful. As most of our growth has been through inorganic expansion, we have established ourselves in the southern and western region of India. Heeding to this, Neuberg Diagnostics was launched with the acquisition of the Anand Diagnostic Laboratory in Bangalore, Supratech Micropath in Ahmedabad, and the Ehrlich Laboratory in Chennai. On a global level, we have acquired the Global Labs in South Africa and Minerva Diagnostics in Dubai.

As the inorganic expansion is pivotal to our growth, we aim to partner with like-minded labs that share the same set of values and strategies. Through this, we not only focus on our development but also the growth of the entire industry.

As a part of this strategy, we have acquired a few labs in India, and we would be making the announcement very soon.

We at Neuberg Diagnostics see our future well established as we focus on futuristic tests that include genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular biology, and digital pathology.

We aim to provide the best of genomics, AI, and data analytics in an affordable manner that will be well accessible to all. Considering the same, we plan to open technology incubation centers in the USA and Europe to access the latest technologies that aid developing countries in the field of the evolving personalized medicine arena as this provides precision diagnostics.

We aim to be accessible to all; we plan on increasing the home collection. At the same time, we plan on adding labs and customer touchpoints across the country, especially in smaller towns, as they are usually cut off from any medical attention.

Our efforts have made Neuberg Diagnostics India’s fourth-largest diagnostics lab chain. We hope that in the future we are able to grow throughout the country by dispensing excellent services not only to the ones in main cities but also to be readily available to all, even in the most remote corners of India.

While we strive to bring about the best in India, we also look forward to global recognition in the world of diagnostics.