Hygiene Sterilization and Disinfectant Products




MP Biomedicals

MPX Sanitizers

Alcohol-based sanitizer with moisturizer; Benzolkonium chloride-based liquid hand soap; Pocket size spray bottle or battery-operated motion detector dispenser

Pharmalab India

Steam Sterilizer

Comply with all the necessary regulatory bodies: 93/42/EEC, 97/23/EC, ISO 13485-2016, EN285, ENISO 14971, EN ISO 17665-1, IEC EN61010-1, IEC EN 61010-2-040, IEC EN 60601-1-6, EN 61326-1, HTM 2010, and ASME

Vertical Chamber Autoclave

Fully automatic compact sterilizer. Sterilizer meets regulatory requirement such as ISO-13485 2016, CE certified (PED-2014/68/EU) ASME

Washer Disinfector

Compact, hygienic, and ergonomically designed with powerful washing and thermal disinfection system. Operated through PLC, ensuring the complete process is automatically operated and controlled

Ultrasonic Washer

Ddesigned as a compact comprehensive unit to reduce the footprint required in a hospital. Out wide range of sizes and options cater to all the needs of a hospital

Bedpan Washer

In association with Arcania offers Bedpan washer CLINOX 3A. The top loading offers a large capacity of washing and the multi-purpose accessories allow the largest possibility of washing and disinfection of all type of utensils

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