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ICHEMS from IRIS Healthcare Technology

ICHEMS is low cost and portable POC imaging analyzers and point of care reagents which gives vast competitive advantage to healthcare professionals and patients with better and affordable diagnostics solutions in detecting and monitoring diseases.

ICHEMS is an analyzer that is used to measure biomarkers in human whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine samples. The test result can be used as an aid in clinical diagnosis. The ICHEMS can be applied to laboratory and point of care testing.

The combination of the antigens in the sample, the gold-label antibody in the colloidal gold pad or nitrocellulose membrane, and the antibody pre-coated on the test line can form a purplish red streak on the test line. The color intensity of the test line is proportionate to the quantity of antigens detected in the sample. In conclusion, the antigen concentration in whole blood, plasma, serum, urine can be calculated quantitatively in one-step according to the color intensity of the test line.

After the sample is added to the test kit, insert that kit into the ICHEMS and press ENT button. The concentration of the selected item is measured and displayed on the screen in a certain time. The test result is stored in the ICHEMS and is available when required. The result can also be transmitted to the lab or hospital information system through the LIS or HIS system when connected to ICHEMS.

Due to its portable and light weight design, the ICHEMS can be easily deployed at patient side, facilitating clinical decisions with its rapid results.

Together with different test items, the ICHEMS can be used to determine 10 different biomarkers in human blood quantitatively: Cardiac Troponin I, NT-proBNP, hs-CRP, CK-MB, Myoglobin, D-Dimer, Procalcitonin, Cystatin C, Microalbumin, and β2-Microglobulin.

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