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IIT Delhi To Rope In Startups To Boost Deep-Tech Research

The Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) has decided to back startups and research scholars willing to start a business in deep technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost its research ecosystem. V. Ramgopal Rao, director, IIT-D said that the institute has created a platform to support “emerging futuristic technologies requiring advanced R&D”. Startups focusing on connected intelligent systems, mixed reality, advanced materials, drug discovery and medical research, will be taken on board following a selection process.

The premier institute promises to provide candidates with a host of benefits such as seed funding and connecting them with venture funds, besides free workspaces and mentoring. It believes the initiative will play a crucial role for industrial growth in future.

“If you have a great idea in deep tech space, IIT-D will take care of the rest. The program provides comprehensive support for converting your idea into a startup, including a fellowship and accommodation to the budding entrepreneur as well as funds for the development of proof of concept,” Rao said.

While the move is a plus for startups and research scholars, the IIT-Delhi, one of the six institutions of eminence (IoE) in India, will benefit from their research output, patent, from industry academia collaborations as well. IIT-Delhi’s newly established technology research park in Sonepat will house these start ups not older than 3 years. – Hindustan Times

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