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IMA, Pune pitches for reducing GST, exempting small hospitals from CEA

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) in Pune engaged with political leaders to convey its community’s demands for the upcoming election. Doctors are demanding that the centre help maintain the purity of modern medicine, implement strict measures to protect medical staff while on duty, reduce the GST burden on healthcare products and insurance, and exempt small and medium hospitals up to 50 beds and clinics from the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010.

As per the appeal from the IMA headquarters, the local branch of IMA Pune is submitting a charter of demands to the candidates contesting elections for different political parties.

The association has demanded that attempts to integrate various systems of medicine be stopped in the best interests of people.

Dr Sanjay Patil, Chairman of the Hospital Board of India, Pune chapter, asserted that they will vote for the candidates who take actions on the list of demands submitted.

“Violence against doctors is one of the major issues at local, small-medium setup hospitals. We need to have a centralised act to protect doctors from any kind of violence. We have a state-level act to safeguard doctors, but the laws are not followed stringently,” he said.

He added, “The government is imposing an 18 percent GST on premium medical insurance, and that should be waived off. These are patient-centric demands and should be considered.”

List of demands submitted by IMA with political leaders of various parties contesting for election this year are as follows:

Preserve Medical Purity: Integrative medicine risks patient safety. Patients should have the freedom to choose their treatment without compromise. IMA demands an immediate halt to attempts at integrating medical systems.

Protect healthcare facilities: Central legislation is needed to shield doctors and hospitals from violence. IMA advocates for declaring healthcare facilities as safe zones.

Regulatory exemptions for small facilities: Small hospitals and clinics with up to 50 beds should be exempt from certain regulatory requirements.

Addressing healthcare taxation: Withdraw GST on healthcare products and insurance memberships. Reduce GST rates on essential medical equipment and services.

End criminal prosecution of doctors: Doctors should not face criminal prosecution for medical procedures lacking criminal intent.

Preserve doctor-patient relationship: Maintain the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship by handling compensation litigations through civil law.

Safeguarding the girl child and doctor rights: Governments should protect the girl child in the womb without harassing doctors. Revisit PCPNDT and POCSO to prevent unjust treatment of medical professionals.

Refining Ayushman Bharat-PMJAY: Limit purchases to the private sector, eliminate exclusions, and establish fair rates based on scientific costing and regional factors.

Oppose NExT for MBBS graduates: Withdraw NExT as it unfairly assesses licensing and postgraduate selection for Indian medical graduates.

Enhancing medical officer positions: Increase Medical Officer positions nationwide, utilize MBBS graduates in sub-centers and wellness centers, and end ad hoc hiring in National Health Missions and central ministries. Free Press Journal

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