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Immunochemistry Instruments

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand




Agappe Diagnostics

Mispa i2 (specific protein analyzer)

Nephelometry & turbidimetry method; 25 parameter assay model; smart card calibration; unique channel shifting technology; prozone detect function; 3 step user-friendly procedure; 1000 patient memory; 30 min battery backup; patient ID entry facility along with barcode reader; auto sensing, mixing and measuring of cuvette; LIS compatibility; and 2 level QC function

Mispa i3 (cartridge-based specific protein analyzer)

UCS technology-sensitivity and linearity at its best; smart card calibration prefilled cartridges with reagents; inject aspiration system (IAS) ensures precise and accurate result Quadra ‘S’ System (slow start slow stop); automatic pre -dilution of samples; fully closed- no user interface 3 QC files for each parameter for 30 days; and 1000 patient result storage 30 min battery backup

Beacon Diagnostics


Specific protein analyzer with 40 sample/hr working speed; offers wide range of parameters for rheumatism monitoring, renal function monitoring, immunoglobulins and complements, diabetes monitoring by using latest technology of nephelometry

Unicorn Prima

Immunofluorescence base point-of-care testing system that offers quick and reliable results for wide range of parameters covering cardiac monitoring, renal function tests, sepsis and inflammation, diabetes, thyroid functions, Vitamin D

Beckman Coulter

Access 2

Maximize laboratory’s productivity with the Access 2 immunoassay system, a powerful and reliable benchtop immunoassay analyzer featuring a space-saving design, user-friendly features and a complete menu of more than 50 tests. Using feedback from customers, enhanced with new features to improve user experience

UniCel DxI 800 access immunoassay system

Accelerate immunoassay time-to-results in high-volume lab with the UniCel DxI 800 access immunoassay system. Run up to 400 tests per hour and handle even the most demanding workloads with ease. With low maintenance and improved reliability, it is simple enough for technologists of all skill levels to use, with industry-leading intuitive user interfaces and load-and-go simplicity that frees up staff for higher value work—no pausing or standby time required

UniCel DxI 600 access immunoassay system

Scale immunoassay laboratory efficiently. The system helps laboratories running 40,000-80,000 tests per year; meet peak workload demands with throughput of up to 200 tests per hour and up to 60 samples on board. Load and go-simplicity frees up staff for higher value work—no pausing or standby time required

Access SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody test

By integrating high-quality antibody testing into their routine workflow, laboratories of all sizes can help identify front-line healthcare providers, patients, and community populations who have potentially developed an immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Armed with this insight, individuals with coronavirus antibodies can make informed decisions about returning to work and other activities


mini VIDAS

Compact, automated, and robust with ELFA principle


Automated bench-top immunoanalyzer for small to medium labs; throughput of up to 80 tests/hr

Compact Diagnostics

Maglumi 600

A range of tests

Maglumi 800

A range of tests

Maglumi 1000

A range of tests

Maglumi 2000

A range of tests

Maglumi 2000 Plus

A range of tests

Maglumi 4000

A range of tests

CPC Diagnostics


Chemiluminence fully automated analyzer TP 180/hr with Vortex mixing

Immunoshop India

RT-3100 ELISA washer

ELISA plate washer with optional incubator


Fully automated protein analyzer

J. Mitra & Co.

i-Quant analyzer

Analyzer based on a cutting-edge technology for reading and analyzing Quanti-range test kits, on highly sensitive fluorescence immunoassay platform; lightweight, portable instrument with high end processors, large display and data storage, Wi-Fi & bluetooth connectivity, iQ-cloud for training and up-gradation, battery back, and online support; tests currently available on i-Quant include HbA1c, Vitamin D, T3, T4, TSH, dengue NS1 Ag, dengue IgM antibodies, engue IgG antibodies, CRP, and PCT


Rapid, visual, and differential detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies by flow through technology; 100 percent sensitivity and 100 percent specificity as per WHO evaluation


4th generation test in rapid and visual detection of HCV antibodies by flow through technology; 100 percent sensitivity and 98.9 percent specificity



Floor-standing, fully automatic, chemiluminescence immunoassay system with throughput up to 240 tests/hr and ALP-AMPPD principle; user-friendly software interface


Robust, bench-top, and simple-to-use chemiluminescence analyzer with throughput up to 180 tests/hr; supports non-stop refill of samples, reagents, and consumables during testing; swing arm and touchscreen


World’s smallest fully automated, and robust immunoassay analyzer; throughput up to 180 tests/hr; precise megnatic separation with consistent performance relability with intelligent consumable management


AQT90 Flex immunoassay analyzer

A small bench-top completely automated analyzer for acute care testing. The system can use a variety of samples including whole blood and plasma. Biomarker menu: TnI, TnT, CKMB, Myo, NT-proBNP, PCT, CRP, D-Dimer, βhCG. With a comprehensive test menu (cardiac, coagulation, infection and pregnancy markers) offers total flexibility of choosing one or up to 5 parameters of choice from a single patient sample. Delivers reliable results with a faster TAT in 11-21 minutes based on the biomarker. A allows to initiate up to 30 tests/hr. Touchscreen intuitive menu guidance and in-built printer

Transasia Bio-Medicals

Lisa XL

Fully automated 6 plate ELISA processor; two probe sample/ reagent dispensing; batch loading of sample and reagent for ELISA processing

Mago 4

CE certified walkaway system- Compact benchtop model to perform all steps of ELISA; high throughput- 12 different ELISA procedures or 384 microwells in a single run; high accuracy- multi-shot dispensing and automated volume control; ideal for blood banking and parameters for infectious diseases

Elan 30s

Fully automated ELISA microstrip processor for medium workloads; compact benchtop model to perform all steps of ELISAs; can perform six different assays at a time; user-friendly software

Erba LisaScan EM

Semi-automated, CE certified microplate reader; wavelength range: 400-800 nm with dynamic range of 0.0-4.0 OD; 100 user programmable tests and 5000 test results storage with internal and external printer facility

Erba LisaWash II

Easy to operate, semi-automated system with large LCD display; 50 user programmable protocols to customize washing; residual volume of <3 µl

Others: Iris Healthcare Technologies, DK Enzymes & Chemicals, Kee Diagnostics, Medsource Ozone Biomedicals, Meril Diagnostics, Randox Laboratories, Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering (SNIBE) Suyog Diagnostics, Tulip Diagnostics, and Vanguard Diagnostics.

Product Showcase

Radiometer Medical

September 13 is World Sepsis Day. Sepsis is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. There are more cases of sepsis than of lung-, breast-, prostate cancer, and HIV combined.

Procalcitonin (PCT), the biomarker of choice to aid in the diagnosis of sepsis

PCT, normally present in the blood at a very low level, and is released in larger amounts in response to an infection, thereby acts as a risk indicator for sepsis. With a negative predictive value above 95 percent, procalcitonin is widely acknowledged as the most sensitive biomarker to aid in the diagnosis of bacterial sepsis2.

The added value of point-of-care testing
Despite strict guidelines for the implementation of early and effective therapies, which have improved the chance of survival, the mortality and morbidity rates associated with sepsis remain higher than any other infection-related condition.

Radiometer has developed the easy-to-use, point-of-care AQT90 FLEX PCT assay, an important aid to timely diagnose sepsis. Radiometer’s rapid, acute care AQT90 FLEX PCT test, an in vitro diagnostic assay for the quantitative determination of PCT in EDTA or lithium-heparin whole blood or plasma specimens, is an important tool for acute and intensive care professionals, aiding the detection of sepsis. This enables clinicians to start antibiotic treatment undelayed.

When PCT levels are elevated and sepsis is suspected but not confirmed, antibiotic treatment should be considered after first having drawn a blood sample to identify the presence of any blood-borne microorganisms. Typically, this will involve blood culture, a time-consuming procedure that may take several days and often does not reflect systemic inflammation or the onset of organ failure. In contrast, Radiometer’s AQT90 FLEX PCT assay delivers results in less than 21 minutes, enabling clinicians to swiftly optimize the patient’s treatment.

Key benefits of the AQT90 FLEX procalcitonin assay include:

  • Laboratory quality, quantitative determination of PCT at the point of care;
  • Results available in less than 21 minutes;
  • Improved sample turnaround times;
  • Suitable for whole blood–no pre-handling required–or plasma samples;
  • Excellent agreement with blood culture; and
  • High correlation with other commercially available PCT assays.


ErbaLisa COVID-19 IgG ELISA test kits
Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.

Critical use of serology tests
While RT-PCR and antigen tests assess the viral load in infected patients; there is a large population that remain asymptomatic and hence undiagnosed. Serology testing for COVID-19 helps in identifying such individuals. Thus, RT-PCR and antibody tests are both essential but not interchangeable.

Various studies have indicated that in India there is a significantly large population that is asymptomatic. This has led to the speculation about whether or not these people can further transmit the virus. Obviously, this can be dangerous for India in the long run, in the absence of enough tests.

Implications for policy decisions
ICMR has recognized antibody ELISA testing for a scientific approach to make informed public health decisions and getting back to normal strategy.

While tracking the pandemic’s trajectory, antibody testing can help the policy makers determine whether the curve is flattening or not. This is important to strategize reigniting of the economy.

Most importantly, once a vaccine is ready, antibody tests can help the government identify vulnerable population who have not developed antibodies and going further, to know if the vaccine has been effective in that area.

Choosing the right antibody test
The most important criterion is the sensitivity and specificity of the assay. A test with a sensitivity and specificity of 99 percent or more minimizes the chances of false results and is an accurate indicator.

Batch-to-batch consistency of the kit is another important criterion that the ICMR is considering, to approve only kits that give high quality results. This helps in maintaining proper reported data crucial for epidemiological studies.

A kit with a simplified protocol and minimum steps greatly helps in saving time and reducing manual errors. Ready-to-use reagents do not require reconstitution and dilution and thus make the kit user-friendly.

Laboratories prefer ELISA kits that are automation-friendly to reduce the burden on technicians, allowing for large volumes of screening with consistent precision.

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. is proud to introduce its Made In India ErbaLisa COVID-19 IgG ELISA test kits with a proven sensitivity and specificity of >99 percent. The kit has been evaluated by National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune and approved by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It offers a simplified protocol with in-well dilution and ready-to-use reagents and is automation-friendly.

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