Immunochemistry Instruments and Reagents

Immunochemistry Instruments




Agappe Diagnostics

Mispa Revo

Quantitative immunofluroscence analyzer; Secure digital high capacity (SDHC) calibration system with batch specific encoded data for fast and better calibration; Double mode system (DMS) for fast turnaround time

Mispa i2

Nephelometric technology for specific protein determination; Smart card calibration; Auto sensing, mixing, and measuring of Cuvette; Fast and accurate results with minimum TAT and less interference

Mispa i3

Cartridge based specific protein analyzer; UCS technology; Inject aspiration system; Automatic pre-dilution of samples; Fully closed

 Beckman Coulter

Access 2

Bench-top analyzer with quality, reliability, and speed

UniCel DxI 600 Access

Run both routine and specialized tests with simplicity; Improved turnaround time


mini VIDAS

Compact, automated, and robust with ELFA principle


Automated bench-top immunoanalyzer for small to medium labs; Throughput of up to 80 tests/hr

Compact Diagnostics

SNIBE Immunoassay System- Biolumi 8000

System is available in various throughput i.e. from 100 tests/hr to 500 tests/hr

CPC Diagnostics


LED based immunofluorescence microscopy with 50,000 hrs lamp life; No emission of UV radiation and is explosion proof; Transmitted light is integrated for bright and dark field microscopy and can be upgraded for phase contrast


Automated multiplex line immuno assay processor for autoimmunity, allergy and infectious diseases; High precision and reproducibility; Fast and simple test procedure (less than 3 hrs); 1 to 16 strips per run; 25 preloaded assays in 7 groups

EUROIMMUN Analyzer 1-2P

Completely automated processing; Open system with over 800 validated parameters; Up to 3 microtitre plates can be loaded; Option for reloading patient samples, microtiter plates, reagents, and materials


Fully automated random access immuno assay analyzer for prenatal screening and procalcitonin; TRACE technology; Throughput of up to 60 tests/hr; Precise measurement; Eco-friendly

IF sprinter

Fully automated platform for Immunofluorescence assay processing; Rapid and reliable results

Europattern microscope

Computer aided immunofluorescence microsopy, automatic identification of slides via matrix codes; Archiving of images and results


DNA microarray for molecular diagnostics testing of HLA B27, DQ2/DQ8, HPV, and other esoteric tests; Standardised incubation using Titreplane techonology; Integrated control reactions secure senstivity and specificity for every test sample

DK Enzymes & Chemicals


Alkaline Phosphatase, Intrinsic Factor, and Peroxidase

Immunoshop India


Fully automated and walkaway system; Single test ready to use device; Easy to use, quality, and reliable results from automated immunoassay menu

Maglumi 800

Chemiluminescence immunoassay system; Throughput of 180 tests/hr; Random access, batch mode or STAT; Long stability of reagents; Non-enzyme involve flash chemiluminescence


Fully automated and open immunoflorescence blot and ELISA processor; Built-in internal barcode reader and LIS interface


Compact and innovative machine to processes strips with ready-to-use reagents provided in individual cartridges; Easy semi-quantitative or quantitative interpretation; Flat-bed scanner

Diaspot Neptune ANA 25 MultiQuant kit

Up to 25 autoantibodies detected on single strip; Results obtained in 1hr; Adapted for automation; Multiple built-in controls; Antigen and control in triplicates

Kee Diagnostics

ELISA Reader

Ideal for rapid and reliable microplate reading

ELISA Washer

Excellent wash performance to ensure minimal residual

Medsource Ozone Biomedicals

RT 2100C ELISA Reader

High speed reading; High absorbance range with optical fiber assembly; Large LCD display with touchscreen; Extensive on-board data analysis

RT 2600C ELISA Washer

3 wash buffers and 1 rinse at same time with 8 or 12 wash heads; 100 washing protocols; Adjustable shaking speed and time; Large 5-inch LCD display

Combiwash ELISA Washer

3 wash buffers and 1 rinse at same time; Choice from 100 washing protocols; Adjustable shaking speed and time; Large and clear to read LCD display

ELISYS Range of Fully Automated ELISA Processors

Fully automated, open, real walk away ELISA processor; Color coded reagents; Dedicated multi-wash system; Automatic sample pre-dilution

Meril Diagnostics


Adopts sophisticated embedded computer control technology with 8 optical channels (ELISA Plate Reader)


ELISA plate washer


With multifunction robotic arm and a vertical design multi-plate carrier

EliQuant Quadra (4 Plate ELISA Processor)

Fully automated 4 plate processing system capable of performing multiple assays per plate


Higher sensitivity for detection of lower analyte concentrations

LumiQuant i

Semi-automated chemiluminescense analyzer



Floor-standing, fully automatic, chemiluminescence immunoassay system with throughput up to 240 tests/hr and ALP-AMPPD principle; User-friendly software interface


Robust, bench-top, and simple-to-use chemiluminescence analyzer with throughput up to 180 tests/hr; Supports non-stop refill of samples, reagents, and consumables during testing; Swing arm and touchscreen


Compact, bench-top, and robust immunoassay analyzer; Throughput up to 120 tests/hr; Large reagent and sample capacity; 4-phase magnetic separation

Omega Diagnostics

IMMUTERP Range of Syphilis Diagnosis Reagents

TPHA-highly specific and sensitive hemagglutination test, uses serum/CSF as specimen;
RPR- qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of reagin antibodies in serum or plasma


Competitive ELISA to detect all classes of antibodies toTreponema pallidum for syphilis;
Dengue IgG – detect antibodies to all four known serotypes; Dengue IgM capture- m capture ELISA test; Thyroid, fertility, and cancer marker ELISA kits


RF, CRP, ASO- controls, reaction slides, and stirrers are included, 2 min reaction time;
IM / SLE- controls, reaction slides, and stirrers are included, 2 min reaction time


RF- end-point assay; CRP- two point assay, 2 mg/l sensitivity; ASO- two point assay, 20 IU/ml sensitivity; m-ALB – two point assay, sensitivity 2 mg/l and linearity upto 150 mg/l; x CYSTATIN–C – better marker than creatinine clearance for GFR measurement; 2 step assay, sensitivity 0.1 mg/l and linearity upto 10 mg/l

Total IgE

90-minute assay protocol; measuring range upto 1250 µ/mL

Autoimmunity ELISA

ANAease- 50 minute assay, measuring range up to 100 µ/mL; dsDNA IgG ELISA- 70 minute assay, measuring range upto 400 µ/mL; Citrulinated peptite Ab ELISA for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis; Tissue transgiutaminase ELISA-IgA and IgG kits for quantitative determination, 70 -minute assay, measuring range upto 100 µ/mL


Rapid diagnostic test (Card Test) for detection of Plasmodium specific LDH (pLDH) for P.Vivex and plasmodium specific HRP for P. Falciparum – Available in 3 combinations for determination of antiges to  Pf/Pv, Pf/PAN, and Pf respectively

Food Detective

Rapid test; detects IgG antibodies to 59 common Indian foods; Qualitative results from fingerprick blood

Randox Laboratories

Immunoassay Premium Plus Control

Combining 54 analytes including tumor markers; Laboratories can reduce costs and the number of controls used

Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering (SNIBE)

Biolumi 8000

Flexible combination of immunoassay module (25 reagents on board, 280 tests/hr), biochemistry module (1600 tests/hr), electrolyte module (1000 tests/hr), and sample processing module (280 samples)

Maglumi 600

Throughput of 180 tests/hr, 16 samples on-board, 4 reagents

Maglumi 800

Throughput of 180 tests/hr, 40 samples on-board, 9 reagents

Maglumi 1000

Throughput of 120 tests/hr, 144 samples on-board, 15 reagents

Maglumi 2000

Throughput of 180 tests/hr, 144 samples on-board, 15 reagents

Maglumi 2000 Plus

Throughput of 180 tests/hr, 144 samples on-board, 25 reagents

Maglumi 4000 Plus

Throughput of 280 tests/hr, 144 samples on-board, 25 reagents

Suyog Diagnostics


Semi-automated microplate chemiluminescence analyzer

Transasia Bio-Medicals

Mago 4

Best suitable system for ELISA tests; Fully automated 4 plate ELISA processing, no manual steps; Fast and easy setup with loading flexibility for samples and reagents; Capability to perform 12 different ELISA procedures in a single run; All needed facilities on board- Probe for pipetting, incubator, ELISA washer, and reader; User friendly software with in-built computer; Easy to monitor real-time ELISA processing software; Low operational cost

Elan 30s

Fully automated micro-well ELISA processor for medium work loads; Only manual loading of samples and reagents are required while rest entire ELISA process is done within the compact system; Pipetting, incubation, ELISA washing, reading, and reporting; Can run multiple tests in a batch with maximum flexibility for loading reagents; Computer for user friendly operation, reporting, and  documentation; Economical and easy maintenance

ERBA LisaScan® EM

Open system for performing all ELISAs; Wavelength range covered is from 400 to 800 nm with wide dynamic range of 0.0 to 4.0 OD; In-built storage facility for 100 test programs and 50 plate results; In-built shaker and thermal printer for printing results and graphs; Option for connecting external printer; Additional Eli-LIMS software for computer connectivity for unlimited storage, data management, and QC function

Erba LisaWash® II

Easy to operate system with 50 wash protocol storage; Easily removable 8 way manifold with 8 needles for aspiration and 8 needles for dispensing; Dispensing volume of 50 -3000 µl with choice of 1 wash buffer, 1 distilled water, and 1 waste container with sensor; High efficacy washing with < 3 µl residual volume; One additional wash buffer bottle provided for user convenience; Soak time can also be set up to 24hrs



Fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers

Liaison XL

X-light all-in-one system; Small footprint enables easy installation and avoid laboratory reconfiguration; XLerate- Improved performance, higher throughput, long walk-away time, and improved reliability

Tulip Diagnostics Private Limited

Turbodyne SC

Secure way of handling quantitative immunochemistries with pre-calibrated smart card technology: HbA1c, RF, CRP, ASO, D dimer, IgE, MA, Cystatin C


Compact, versatile turbidimetry analyzer; Optimized measuring system; Back up analyzer for routine chemistries

Quantiamate Auto

Automated, random access, bench-top immunoturbidimetry and clinical chemistry analyzer; 24hrs non-stop reagent cooling


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