In Pipeline: Mandatory Service For Haryana Govt Medical Students In State-run Hospitals

The Haryana government is planning to make it mandatory for the MBBS and MD students of government colleges to serve the state hospitals for a specific period before moving to other institutions or opting private practice. This period may be one or two years. The move is aimed to tackle the problem of doctors’ shortage in government hospitals.

Despite the government’s efforts, there has been a shortage of doctors in government hospitals. Currently, there are 789 vacancies in government hospitals despite availability of about 2,500 doctors.

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij told The Indian Express there would be no shortage of doctors in government hospitals after implementation of the new system.

“We are getting the proposal examined whether there is need for a legislation to implement the new rule. If legislation is not necessary, then we would simply put a condition at the time of admission of medical colleges,” said Vij.

“The idea is simple, if the government makes huge investments for education of the medical students then they should also serve the state for at least for a particular period. No doubt, we would pay them salaries also,” added the minister.

According to officials, there are around 800 students in four government-run medical colleges in the state, and an equal number of students in private colleges.

“We plan to keep the conditions flexible so that the doctors don’t face difficulties in accepting the rules. If a doctor gives duties in government hospitals for one year and wants to opt further studies, then he may be allowed to complete the condition of two years after completion of his higher studies,” said a senior officer of the Health Department.

Despite government’s consistent efforts, there has been shortage of doctors in the government hospitals since long. Currently, there are 789 vacancies in the government hospitals despite availability of about 2,500 doctors in such hospitals in the state.

The government has already initiated process to recruit 447 new doctors. According to Director General of State Health Services, Dr Suraj Bhan Kamboj, the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) of Rohtak would conduct the exam for recruitment. There will still be vacancies of 342 doctors after the recruitment, said Kamboj. – The Indian Express

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