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India poised to capitalize on transformative ability of genAI in healthcare

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, is reshaping the landscape of healthcare globally. Today, the healthcare industry stands at the threshold of a transformative era driven by AI technologies. The technology is revolutionising healthcare delivery, and in countries like India, it has the potential to reshape how healthcare is made accessible to people.

With the democratisation of gen AI, healthcare providers are increasingly embracing its capacity to enhance patient outcomes and operational efficiency. While the initial focus has been on customer-facing effectiveness, there is a growing interest in leveraging AI for efficiency in operations, including automation of coding, testing and ensuring data security. This shift towards AI-driven solutions is projected to propel the global AI in healthcare market to unprecedented heights, reaching an estimated $45.2 billion by 2026.

India, with its burgeoning healthcare demands and evolving digital landscape, is poised to capitalise on the transformative ability of gen AI. Its application in preventive healthcare and individual health management presents promising opportunities to address long-standing challenges in healthcare delivery. By taking the advantage of predictive algorithms, gen AI can enable proactive interventions, particularly in managing chronic diseases like diabetes, thus improving healthcare accessibility and quality for millions.

With a unique healthcare landscape and expanding technological prowess, India also has the opportunity to leapfrog traditional healthcare models by embracing gen AI. The emphasis on patient-centricity and personalised care aligns with the country’s evolving healthcare priorities. By utilising gen AI, India can bridge the gap between healthcare demand and supply, thereby ensuring more efficient and accessible healthcare services for its citizens.

Moreover, gen AI empowers individuals by providing personalised insights into their health, thereby creating a more collaborative and empowering healthcare ecosystem. The shift towards individual health management indicates a fundamental change in healthcare delivery, where patients are empowered to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

In terms of better patient care, healthcare organisations must adopt measures to maximise the benefits of gen AI while maintaining a steady focus on patient experience. Patients want a seamless healthcare experience characterised by accurate diagnoses, comprehensive treatment approaches, proactive preventive measures and connected end-to-end care. Gen AI holds the promise of realising this vision by utilising patient data to drive personalised healthcare solutions.

As healthcare embraces AI-driven innovations, concerns around data security and ethical considerations must also be considered. Initiatives to enhance data security, such as converting pictorial text into audio representations, showcase the promise of gen AI to facilitate secure interactions, especially in sensitive areas like mental health. Moreover, gen AI’s ability to streamline processes while taking care of patient privacy underscores its potential to revolutionise healthcare delivery without compromising on data security.

As we navigate through the complexities of healthcare delivery, it is imperative to ensure that the deployment of gen AI aligns with the fundamental principles of equity, privacy and patient well-being. By using gen AI effectively, India can not only address its healthcare challenges but also emerge as a global leader in maximising AI for the betterment of healthcare delivery and outcomes. As we venture into a future brimming with hope, fuelled by the promise of gen AI, the healthcare landscape is poised for a revolution that prioritises patient-centric care and embraces the transformative power of AI. NDTV Profit

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