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India Railways Offers You These First Aid Facilities In Trains

Passenger safety has been greatly improved across Indian Railway stations with the deployment of first-aid equipment and trained professionals in the trains. The Ministry of Railways provides first aid, emergency care and medical facilities at all Indian Railway stations and passenger carrying trains across the country.

The Medical Boxes contain the following things:

  1. Wide range of medicines
  2. Dressing materials
  3. Oxygen cylinder
  4. Delivery kit
  5. Laryngoscope
  6. Catheter
  7. Syringe
  8. Different types of splints
  9. Ointments
  10. Oxygen defibrillator

The above mentioned items are available with the Train. Also any passenger falling sick or getting injured during the course of train journey is assisted by the doctor present on the train itself.

Availability of either a railway doctor or private practitioner for providing medical aid is arranged en-route at the next station if there is any critical situation.

Stationmasters maintain a list of railways, governments, private hospitals, clinics and ambulance services in the vicinity of the respective station along with the address, facilities available and contact details.

They inform the next station and then the information is immediately passed on to the station where the nearest Railway Hospital is available. Railway doctors reach the station before the train reaches that station. One can also reach out to Railway administration through twitter. You can also dial 138 for complaint, medical emergency, queries and cleanliness. – India TV News

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