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Indian coagulation market need VBDS technology to get rid of HIL interference

The preanalytical variables will cause more than 70 percent erroneous results in coagulation tests. HIL interference is one of the important variables causing erroneous results (CLSI guideline H21-A5). Many debates are going on to avoid the HIL samples.

Stago is providing the complete solution for these interferences. The technology offered by Stago, the Viscosity Based Detection System will completely eliminate this interference. The optical detection system will interfere by HIL, even with any wavelength used. It is been proven in many publications. There are publications stating that both optical and mechanical measurement system is producing comparable results. However these studies also conclude that there are 2 percent of erroneous results from optical measurement able to produce right results by mechanical. The important point to consider is that when the patients need results for clinical intervention, the optical system fails to provide results. This will severely impact the treatment to save the life of the patients. In Indian scenario, it is difficult to get repeat samples when they have been rejected or given erroneous results. It will cause the patients to come back to hospital and give sample for repeat testing. The patients will have to pay all their medical expenses from their pocket. The repeat sample and failure to get results will stress them financially and physically. Even in government hospitals, where the treatment and testing is free, this interference will cause delay and create financial loss to the government. It is necessary to get correct results the first time, with no delay to offer immediate clinical intervention.

The Stago VBDS technology provides the results without any issues, with no interference of HIL and ensures that the patient gets treatment in one visit and on time.

Stago VBDS technology is a must-have, gold standard technology, well proven from last many decades.

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