India’s First Online Dialysis System Launched by Max Healthcare

A Delhi based private hospital recently introduced the Central Delivery System 3 (CDS 3), which is a fully automated online dialysis system that ensures delivery of fluid with accurate mixing while requiring minimal maintenance, for the first time in the country with no extra cost. The purity level of the water being used is a crucial factor in determining the quality of the dialysis fluid. CDS 3 ensures that the water is properly treated through reverse osmosis (RO) and a pure output is utilized for dialysis, say doctors. CDS 3 enables accurate mixing of the dialysate components at the precise point in time to remove any chances of precipitation. After this, 1 part of dialysate is mixed with 34 parts of water to prepare the dialysis fluid. It also eliminates chances of human error as the components can be mixed in exact required quantities thereby improving the quality of the resulting fluid.

“One of the key concern areas for the safety of dialysis patients across the world has always been the concentrate quality and supply. CDS 3 helps in safer and convenient dialysis practices with automation enabled in the system that stores data and helps prevent failures. As technology continues to drive the progress in healthcare, the traditional line between engineering and medical science grows ever thinner. With the machines and the computers that power them becoming smaller, faster and smarter, the medical device industry is making medical practice easier for doctors, more effective and affordable for patients, and convenient for the entire healthcare system,” said Dr Dinesh Khullar, Chairman, Nephrology & Renal Transplant Medicine, Max Healthcare.

Patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases are dependent on dialysis procedure, multiple times a week, to sustain a long and productive life. CDS 3 system ensures no impurities are present in the dialysate fluid that translates into better health of the patient. It does not incur any additional cost as compared to the traditional dialysis method. In the long run, CDS 3 can help in lowering the cost per treatment. It also provides flexibility to adjust the balance of the fluid according to each patient, including potassium or glucose-free etc. “At no extra cost, this system would certainly help the renal patients in living longer and fulfilling lives. We are delighted and proud to introduce this system for the first time in the country for the benefit of our patients,” added Khullar. – Daily News & Analysis

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