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India’s tally of COVID-19 cases inches closer to 1.50 lakh

As the number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 1,47, 668, experts have attributed the surge in infections to easing of restrictions and movement of migrants besides increased testing capacity. Notably, India is now among the ten worst-hit countries by COVID-19, however, the government has claimed that the recovery rate in the country has been constantly improving on a daily basis.

“The recovery rate in the country was 7.10 per cent on March 25 when the lockdown was imposed while it is 41.61 now in the fourth phase of lockdown. At least 60,490 people in the country have recovered from the disease. The recovery rate which was 7.1% in first lockdown, 11.42 % in second, 26.59% was in third lockdown, is now 41.61 %”, said  Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal at a press briefing.

Besides, the fatality rate has also been observed as declining. “Our fatality rate is one of the lowest — 2.87 % as against the global average for case fatality which is around 6.45%. It was 3.3% on April 15 and has now reduced to 2.87 %,” said the Joint Health Secretary. A total of 4,343 people have lost their lives so far across the country.

Meanwhile, the United States has recorded less than 700 new coronavirus deaths for the third day in a row, as per Johns Hopkins University. The overall death toll in the country is now 98,875. –

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