Infusion Pumps




Allied Medical

Syrn 200

Ergonomically and intuitively designed front loading infusion system; Special heating function, suitable for infusion in winter; Simple and convenient operation; Air bubble detector

Infuser 120

Microprocessor controlled high-precision, intelligent drip type infusion pump; Three working modes, rate/volume/time mode; Air bubble detector; Adjustable mounting clamps

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

MIP 60

Versatile front loading pump with a 50/60 ml syringe capacity, ideal for ICU, recovery, and OT requirements

BPL Medical Technologies 

Acura S1

Syringe Pump: Infusion modes: rate mode, time mode and drug/weight mode & in built drug library

Acura V1

Volumetric pump: dual bolus modes: manual & automatic bolus

EMCO Meditek

Syringe Pump 860

Front loading of syringes for easy syringe placements; Built-in microprocessor; Bright blue LCD

Syringe Pump 960

Automatic syringe size detection; Programmable infusion rate; Simple entry of parameters via numeric keypad

Genuine Medica

Volumetric Infusion Pumps

High speed and accurate infusion; Modular look; Less power consumption

Medcaptain Medical Technology

HP-80 Infusion Workstation

Flexible assembly and free combination; 3C relay system; Unlimited connectivity

HP-30 Syringe Pump

Auto-manual installation system; Double position detection systesm; Full range syringe compatibility

HP-60 Infusion Pump

Great accuracy to last drop; Patented single-step IV set loading method; Self-adapting peristaltic system


Clear visibility on important information with medical grade large screen; Extra bolus delivery; Accurate concentration is controlled by reliable algorithm

MP-80 Infusion Workstation

Space management; Free combination; Smart control; Information network


Smart and easy to use; Safe and accurate infusion; Information network

SYS-50/52 Syringe Pump

More than accurate; Easy-to-use; Information network

SYS-3011/3010 Syringe Pump

Friendly interface; Dual CPU control system; Dual independent sound-light alarm


BeneFusion VP5/VP3/ VP1

Compact design with handle; Light weight for easy transport; Drug name display and history record; Various infusion modes, color screen; Provides multi information on one page; Intelligent occlusion management system, Long runtime battery, suitable for emergency and patient transfer, Intuitive operation and easy to install IV sets, High waterproof up to IP34, supports cleaning with water

BeneFusion SP5/SP3/SP1

One hand operation and intuitive keypad; Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying; Long runtime battery, suitable for emergency and patient transfer; Provide multi information on one page; Fast start function to ensure effective medication on time

BeneFusion SP5 TCI/SP5 TIVA

Advanced anesthesia syringe pump; New advanced solution for intravenous anesthesia; Combines ease of use and advanced safety feature as well as powerful anesthesia functions in one single pump, making intravenous anesthesia much safer and easier; Anesthetists could choose either TCI (target control infusion) mode or TIVA (total intravenous anesthesia) mode according to patient need or personal preference

BeneFusion CS5 Central Infusion Supervision System

Allows you to central monitor the infusion status and real time information of all patients and medical pumps; Powerful operation system allows for connecting over 512 units of infusion/syringe pumps

Nidek Medical


Syringe pump


Volumetric infusion pump


FloSkan 2000

Single channel compact syringe pump; 3 level occlusion detection; 8 hrs battery backup, pole mount option, external DC input, option to add new local syringe brands

FloSkan 3000

Single channel compact syringe pump; 3.5-inch touchscreen for easy operation; 6 hrs battery backup (optional 12 hrs), pole mount option, external DC input


Compact infusion pump, peristaltic pump , motorised door, airbubble sensor, 11 levels of occlusion detection; Addition of new IV sets, drop sensor; Multiple modes of infusion; 5 hrs backup

Suresh Enterprise

Silicone Tube

Sevitsil’s Platinum cured silicone products are manufactured in clean room and complies to EP3.1.9 USP class VI

Trivitron Healthcare


Applicable for adult, paediatrics, and NICU (neonatal), built-in thermostat: 30-45 C adjustable; This mechanism warms IV tubing to increase infusion accuracy; Anti-free-flow function to make infusion safer; Real-time display of infused volume/bolus rate/bolus volume/KVO rate; Visible on-screen 9 alarms; Change flow rate without stopping the pump


10, 20, 30, 50/60 ml syringe applications, drug library with the most used drugs history record review and last configuration memory; Change the flow rate without stopping the pump; Manual bolus and automatic bolus; Anti-bolus system to reduce bolus significantly after sudden release of occlusion; Micro flow rate of 0.1ml/h and body weight mode to satisfy the requirement for neonatal/paediatric; Wireless data transmission with infusion supervision system (optional)

Intrafuse Grand

4.3 inch color touch screen; Up & down pressure sensor; Electric door & electric anti-free flow clip; Parameter setting and editing directly on touchscreen; Alarm volume and brightness adjustable; History record more than 5000 logs; 9 hours battery back-up time

Flogard Grand

4.3 inch color touchscreen; Parameter setting and editing directly on touchscreen; Alarm volume and brightness adjustable; History record more than 5000 logs; 12 hours battery backup time; IP24 waterproof; Stackable

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